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RelationsTips is a blog created to help individuals find answers and solutions to their relationship problems. We strive to offer useful content each day through our blog and answers all of your questions in our forum. We are here to help – talk to us!

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First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Paul Johnny Ramirez – John or Paul for short. I’m a middle-aged man with a very hot wife and a beautiful daughter. I graduated college with a major in Psychology and have been practicing my profession ever since.

Like everyone else, I have gone some terrible experiences when it comes to love and relationship. I guess it is a normal thing cause without it we will never learn the lessons of life when it comes to love.

So I put up this blog to share with you some of my working tips and advice that can hopefully help you in dealing with all your relationship problems. When some of my friends are having problems with their marriage and relationship, I’m the who comes to the rescue so hopefully it can work for you.

I cover almost everything from get ex back, dating, romance, wedding, divorce etc. so be with me as we go along.

What’s Next?

For now, my primary goal is to grow the number of readers from this blog cause I have just started out. And eventually becomes the number 1 site when it comes to love and relationship.