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A collection of book reviews from different authors in dating and relationship topic.

capture heart

Capture Him Review by Claire Casey – Presented by Michael Fiore

Are you tired of guys who are players, have a Bad Boy image and just won’t commit in your relationship? Do you often ask yourself how you can capture his heart and make him love and addicted to you the way you want it? Or if you’re in a relationship with a guy that has a “Bad Boy” image, how can you make him fall madly in love, chase after you and commit in a snap?


Girl Gets Ring Review by TW Jackson and Jonathan Green

Hello and welcome again to RelationsTips! It’s me Paul and today I’m going to review an online guide that has been recently launched by TW Jackson and Jonathan Green called Girl Gets Ring. I’m one of the guys who jumped in first and got this course if it’s really something good as I hear a lot about it in the dating world.


The Guy Magnet Review by James Scott

Hello and welcome to this the guy magnet reviews. My name is John and today I’ll be reviewing an online guide on how to attract a man you like, make him feel head over heels for you, get him to commit and keep him forever, as long as you want. The e-guide is called “How to Become a Guy Magnet” written by James Scott.


Incredible Sex Review – A Porn Star Sex Life Review

Are you sure that you are providing your woman with the sexual satisfaction that they deserve? Or are you worried that she might leave you because of your poor performance under the sheets where in just two minutes you are done and your woman is craving for more. Or the spark has just died out in your longtime relationship with your partner.

secret survey

Secret Survey Reviews By Michael Fiore

If you have been wondering what your boyfriend or husband has been feeling lately, then there are a couple of things that are worth learning. Every single woman would want to know what exactly their boyfriend or husband is thinking and feeling whenever they aren’t around.


Dirty Dialogue Review by Devian Day

Hello and welcome to this Dirty Dialogue Review. I’ll make it possible to cover everything about this online guide if it is a legitimate one or not. So stick around and read the whole dirty dialogue review below.


Text The Romance Back Review by Michael Fiore

Hello and welcome back again to RelationsTips.Com, my name is Kayla and today I will be reviewing an online guide crafted and mastered by Michael Fiore to work in bringing back the romance to couples using the power of words in text messaging, called Text The Romance Back. This is a whole text the romance back review, if it is really working or just another hype and scam.


The Tao of Badass Review – Free Infographic

What The Tao of Badass is all about?

The Tao of Badass is an online guide created to help guys on how they can be a complete badass with women. It’s basically teaching guys on how they can attract and seduce women the right way, the perfect way.


Fireworks with Females Review – A Quick Look

What to Expect From This Online Course – Fireworks with Females?

In my years of blogging, I have been bombarded with e-mails from different authors and product developers requesting me to review their online courses. To tell you honestly, almost all of them end up in my e-mails trash folder, neglected forever simply because of their lack of originality upon reading their websites.


Online Pickup Secrets Review

Thе newest аnd hottest wау tо pickup girls rесеntlу hаѕ bееn thrоugh thе internet. Wіth аn insane growth іn websites lіkе Facebook аnd MySpace… аnd nоt tо mention online dating websites… thе internet hаѕ officially bесоmе thе #1 playground whеrе singles meet.