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Dating 101: Advantages of Choosing Home as Date Venue

Every relationship starts with dating (if not all, mostly). It is considered a form of courtship, wherein two people spend time together doing social activities in an effort to know each other and assess each other’s suitability. For many couples, dating becomes a weekly or an occasional routine. Some couples go out on a movie […] Read More


The Perks of Online Dating

What was the worst blind date you’ve ever been on? Was it bad enough for you to swear off blind dating forever? If you’ve been on more bad blind dates than good ones, then maybe it’s time to navigate a new dating arena--the online world. If you’re willing to take a chance and explore something […] Read More


4 Ways to Help Your Widowed or Divorced Parent “Get Out There”

From connecting with new friends to pursuing interests outside the home, finding the right option for senior dating doesn’t have to be painful. Here are four strategies that can help them move forward and find potential love interests.

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Fun Date Ideas to Connect Better

Lost that spark? Not connecting as well anymore? Try these fun date ideas and you're sure to be back on track!

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Gift Ideas that are Sure to Impress Her

Looking to get a gift to impress her? Take a look at these ideas and you'll be sure to! You might even have fun along the way!

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Unique Date Ideas for Nature Lovers

Looking to make a great impression on that special someone who loves nature? Check out these unique ideas! You'll be sure to sweep them off their feet.

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5 Tips for Communicating with your Man

It’s been said that “Men are from Mars and Women from Venus”.  This is truly the understatement of ALL understatements.  Not only is the male of the species worlds apart from the gentler sex in nearly every aspect of how they view life, they also clearly don’t have a clue about how to talk to women.


What NOT to Talk About On Your First Date?

I get the question all the time: “What am I supposed to talk about during a first date?” I usually respond by saying that what is more important is what you don’t say. Here are a couple of the worst things you can possibly talk about on a first date.

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Valentine’s Day for Your LIttle Girl

Whatever you do for Valentine’s Day don’t leave out your daughter! One of the most memorable moments for a dad and a huge moment for a daughter can be Valentine’s Day. We all know to take care of our sweethearts but taking care of the other “sweetie” in your life will build memories which will […] Read More


How to Convince Your Teen That You Need To Date Again

Learn the effective ways to convince your children that you need to be in a relationship. They should be aware that being single after a divorce is lonely.