Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harrasment in Work Place

Sexual harassment, by its definition is an unwanted behavior to the opposite or same sex that are sexual in nature. This includes physical contact, verbal and non-verbal actions that show sexual intent to the other person. Sometimes, one may not consider his behavior as a form of sexual harassment but a form of making funny […] Read More


Cheating in Sexting – 15 Celebrities Caught Doing the Act

Sexting, which is becoming more popular these days; is a short-term for "sex" and "texting". It's the act of sending sexually explicit pictures and messages through mobile phones and more common in English speaking countries among teenagers and youngsters. But according to recent studies, more and more adults are engaging with sexting. They do this […] Read More


7 Types of Bridezilla That You Should Know About

I believe that in every bride, there's a Bridezilla hiding in herself. Once that feeling came out, the question is can you control it? You can - if you know the warning signs of the disasters in a wedding and address it out as early as possible. The main reason why a sweet bride-to-be can […] Read More


The Science of Contraception

Below is an infographic detailing about the important aspects of contraception from a research done in the country of Georgia. It includes information about what type of contraception is available in the area, the actual cost, how it is done and the good and bad effects of it. Also included are some of the interview […] Read More

celebrity couples

Celebrity Relationships

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

sexual health report

The University Sexual Health Report Card

Check how your school is doing and how it measures up with the rest on this latest sexual health report card.

wedding planner

The Wedding Planner

Here comes a 12 month guide to all of your planning milestones.

good friend

10 Best Tips for Being a Good Friend to a Sick Friend

Many of us become ill more frequently than the rest and in some cases, we need to be in a hospital to fully recover. If that sick person is someone you truly care about, like a relative or a close friend of yours, then it's pretty normal to help and comfort him/her in any way […] Read More

product reviews

How Important Are Customer Reviews?

I know this can be an off topic but it's important to read some real reviews first from real customers when trying to buy something online like self-help books and guides. So you won't end up being scammed by someone living on the other side of the world. And if you're an author, getting for […] Read More

one night stand

The One Night Stands

Oh "The One Night stand!"... What about it? Is it a big issue nowadays? Do you really have to engage this act? Whatever the younger generation call it - hooking up, scoring, casual sex, getting laid, friends with benefits and so on... Seems like having a one night stand experience with someone at least once […] Read More