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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Are you stuck for Mother's Day gift ideas this year? Know you want to get mom something special but just can't decide on the perfect gift? It might be time to treat your mom to an heirloom gift that signifies the bond your entire family shares. It's time to treat you mom to a family […] Read More

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Avoid Past Relationship Mistakes When You’re Over 50

3 ways mature adults can (finally) put the past behind them and attract close, healthy and passionate love.

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Unconventional Pampering

Everyone loves to be pampered, especially when it is well deserved. But while you may want to buy your spouse a pass to the spa, massage them for a night, or even give them a clean house to come home to, sometimes unconventional methods can be the best way to please. Here are a few […] Read More


The Cost of Love: Spending in a Relationship

Being in a relationship is exciting, whether it's a first date or you've been married with children for the past decade. However, relationships can be expensive (see aforementioned children, for instance). Going out to dinner, vacationing on the beach, going away for a ski weekend, and even just keeping food on the table can all […] Read More


Are You Facebooking Your Relationship Away?

Social networking sites like Facebook can be hazardous to the health of your relationship...and not for the reasons you think. When you signed up for a Facebook account, created your profile, chose pictures and posted witty updates, little did you know where this would all lead. How naive you were when you clicked away on […] Read More


3 Essential Components of A Successful Relationship

Great relationships aren’t all built the same way and they don’t all look the same either. However, while generalizations about what makes a “perfect relationship” are usually fallacious, there are a few common threads that are essential to any good relationship. If any of these three pillars of your relationship breaks down the whole thing […] Read More

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How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways Both Big and Small

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...” For those who love literature, they would recognize this famous and passionate poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, which she penned for her beloved husband, Robert Browning. This sonnet immortalized the love she had for her spouse and has served as an inspiration to aspiring poets […] Read More


What You CAN Do When She’s Trying to Steal Your Man

There are few things for gut-wrenching for a heterosexual woman than when she thinks another woman is trying to break up her relationship. Find out what to avoid and what you can do to keep your relationship healthy and close.

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When It’s Smart and When It’s Dumb to Talk About the Past

The past can get in the way of relationship happiness today...but only if you let it. Here are some tips to help you know when you're talking about your past in a way that could endanger your relationship. Find out how to acknowledge your past while keeping trust and connection alive and well.

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5 Ways to Manifest a Relationship Miracle

Does your relationship need a miracle? Here's what to do when communication has broken down, trust is lacking or you've grown apart. Relationship advice to turn around relationship problems.