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Experience Excitement and Adventure with Escorts in London

Though home to more than eight million people, London can be a very lonely place. Visitors to the capital are especially aware of this if they travel alone. Read on to learn how escorts in London can provide visitors and residents with a friendlier, more enjoyable way to explore the capital. Life on the Periphery […] Read More


What You Didn’t Know About Sex Toys

Days are gone when you think of sex toys, it's usually linked to some shady porn stuff. Nowadays, the industry is getting bigger and bigger and it's believed that the sales will be in equal with the smartphones in a decade or two. This is primarily because of the freedom and increasing salaries of women […] Read More

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How to Talk Sexual Health with Your New Lover

Starting a new relationship is hugely exciting; you have a new partner to explore, and most people struggle to keep their hands off each other during these early stages! There are some things to consider during this early phase of a new sexual relationship, which can be quite difficult to broach with your new partner; […] Read More


The Best And Sexiest Ways To Burn Calories During Sex

We all want to look and feel as good as we possibly can, especially if we are planning on having sex that day. And while some of us may hate the gym there are certain sexy-time acts that will help you to shed calories while pleasing yourself and your partner. So if you want to […] Read More

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Shocking Sex Records

Even if how long you've been together with your partner, there comes a time when love making is set aside for some important things like work or other tasks. But the men and women below are creating history with the number of partners they have slept with over the years of their lives. I don't know if […] Read More


The Myths and Facts About Sex in America

So what about it? I guess these are the things that people usually talk about $ex in the US. Maybe they got the information from romantic movies that they have watched or some novels that they have read. But, are all these information accurate? Let's find out. Below is an infographic that shows some facts and […] Read More


4 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex To Stay Healthy

Most of us try to live an active, healthy lifestyle. But how is one able to stay healthy if you just can't bring yourself to hit the gym, go for a run, or even do a workout at home? Simple. You have sex! Yes, you heard me. Having sex, knocking boots, getting a root, rollin' […] Read More


Sexual Betrayal and Cheating

The words infidelity and betrayal are serious issues when it comes to relationship. Both of these issues are affecting couples in one way or another that most of them who suffered from it ends up in divorce or breakup. So the guys from Bad Online Dates created a survey about how a person feels when […] Read More

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Is Erectile Dysfunction Ruining Your Relationship?

All relationships have their ups and downs, but a continuing sexual problem can be more troublesome than mere embarrassing moments in the bedroom. Over time, a lack of physical contact can cause the spark in a relationship to fizzle out and subsequent lack of communication can be costly for even the closest couples. The Taboo […] Read More

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Kinks Women Secretly Love

Getting a little kinky between the sheets with your man can feel naughty, amazing, and intimidating all at the same time. Sometimes us women can get a little shy suggesting to our guy new techniques we want to try out, or devices we may want to incorporate into the bedroom. If you have ever felt […] Read More