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10 Most Embarrassing and Brutal Wedding Proposal Fails

Proposing to the one you love in front of everyone can be considered cute and sweet for most people but there are some who considered this as too much. Sometimes women don't know what to say or what to do when everyone's eyes were on them and they just ran away. When a guy does […] Read More

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2 Sweetest Marriage Proposal I’ve Seen so Far

This is by far one of the sweetest marriage proposal I've ever seen in years. The whole act was very well thought, happy and perfect (Good job Brad!). You'll see in the video how Emily would scream with such joy and happiness every time one of her friends sing and dance to that song to […] Read More

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How to Easily Know If a Man Loves You – A Webinar Replay by Michael Fiore

How will you know if a man truly loves you? What are the signs to look for if he's really in love with you? He maybe saying the words "I Love You Dear" but his acts aren't showing anything. Or the signs and efforts are there but he just can't say the words. Now the […] Read More


Live Marriage Proposal at Jason Mraz’s Concert in Dallas

While people inside the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas are having lots of fun singing along to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours, a couple had the best time of their lives. At the middle of the song, Mraz directed the attention towards the crowd and in 2 minutes, the whole room was filled with love. Just […] Read More