How Long Should Sex Last?

how long should sex lastFor guys, how long should sex last?

Sex is an important element in any relationship and without it, no relationship will ever survive. The normal duration of sex that includes cuddling, seduction, foreplay and the actual intercourse must be at least 30 minutes. Below than that will make a woman unsatisfied or disappointed.

So I guess if you’re not there yet, better work on that stamina in bed one step at a time. Making each love making longer than the previous one. In this way, you’re not just burning calories more but making her satisfied with your effort.

Studies have shown that a normal guy only lasts 14 minutes of intercourse. However, this does not┬ánecessarily┬ámean that you will have to follow that. If you can only do 10 minutes of it, better make the remaining time in seducing here, playing with some toys or with foreplay. In that way, you may not feel as if you’re being timed by your partner.

So for you, how long should sex must last? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Bellaisa says:

    I’ll chime in!

    I think that women definitely need the foreplay for the majority of the time, and really good foreplay lasts quite a while in my book – depending on what exactly we are doing. The actual act of sex can get quite boring (and painful) for a female after too long.

    I really think that the majority of females don’t have an orgasm from sex alone – and extra effort is always appreciated!

    So I think sex should be viewed as a whole – not just as intercourse.

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