How to Break Up With Someone You Really Love

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  1. Greg says:

    Mark offers some superb advice about ending straight or gay relationships.

    The level and duration of the pain from the break-up will be a function of what expectation each of the two people had. Usually that will mean that both partners will suffer, but one will suffer more deeply and for a longer period of time.

  2. Charles says:

    Really, breaking up is a very hard thing to do, both party will surely go through hard times, but if there’s really point for the relationship to go on then why continue and live frustrating.

    I could refer you blog to people i you have more topics regarding relationships?

  3. family lawyers toronto says:

    breaking is a not a good thing but if you cant be happy with the person you love then you have to do this for your and his/her happiness. But make sure that your decision of breaking is the right choice before breaking it down. and the point you mention about giving the time is very important, because all of your past will knocking you all the time, but if you can keep yourself to busy with your profession and other activities then it will not be a big problem to start a new life.

  4. Herb says:

    hi there! i just came to your blog through random click, i wasn’t gonna stay long but i noticed that humming Christmas carol, that is so beautiful! can i know what and where did you get that feature from? its really nice, although its too short.

    • John says:

      Hello Herb,

      Thanks for visiting my site. About your question, I used a wordpress plugin called aa-snow. You may check it in codecanyon dot com, it’s available there. I wanted my visitors to feel the spirit of Christmas that’s why I added it here.

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  5. Benita Hisey says:

    Breakup means the suffering time starts for both the parties because both love each other but there’s no coordination between them. Coordination comes when both love + respect each other.

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