How to Seduce Your Boyfriend in Public

For most people, sexual relationship with your boyfriend must be kept in private however this doesn’t always mean that you will never express your playful side in public. In fact when you’re starting to flirt with your partner outside the bedroom, you’re actually seducing them long before the actual foreplay happens.

Written below are the six best tips on how to seduce your boyfriend in public places even when you’re both with friends. Just try this and it will be fun.

1.) Always tell your partner how sexy they are on that day.

Verbal affirmation is even more important than physical consummation. Also, by saying how attractive and sexy they are only shows how much you like and adore them that much. This will reinforce a positive energy towards your sexual relationship with your boyfriend.

2.) Try to sit closer to your partner and touch them in places like the hand or waist.

How to Seduce Your BoyfriendJust keep it natural though, not like you’re having a PDA already. Touching and caressing them lightly will create a spark and excitement between the two of you. I know you feel it too, try it.

3.) Remember to touch yourself too.

Touch your collarbone or play with your hair while looking at him from time to time. Do this in a nice, subtle way. He will fantasize about it as if he’s the one touching it the whole day. He’ll be distracted for sure.

4.) Talk some playful things that only the two of you know the meaning.

Doing this may take everything up a notch and will keep the constant flirting fun and exciting. So, just keep doing it.

5.) Pass a not saying ”I’m not wearing an underwear!”

This will surely blow his mind away. From that moment onwards he’ll be thinking the sweet things that may happen when you both get home.

Also be sure to keep the note in private. You may write it on a napkin and pass it to him secretly. You don’t want others to read your note as it will ruin the excitement and fun.

6.) Keep flirting with your boyfriend.

Try to keep everything as if it is your first date. It will help you keep the relationship healthy and both of you interested in one another.

Seducing your boyfriend in public places can really be fun and exciting but try to keep everything below a PDA level. This can really help in maintaining the spark and excitement within the relationship.Similar Posts:

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