Maybe you’re attracted to someone. Each day you think about him a lot. You simply want to become the object of love to him. Most of the signs of being in love are all showing up. But here’s a question, is it really love? Or just an infatuation that after a while will just vanish into thin air.

loveNow let’s take a closer look about this. Can you explain the difference between love and infatuation? Well, the main distinction between love and infatuation is that the feeling of infatuation or being captivated by someone is just temporary. It comes so quickly but then again fades away so soon.

So how can you test it?

One way to do that is by thinking and understanding about the qualities or things that are making you fall in love with that someone. Now do this, think about another person. Picture that someone possesses all the qualities of being a perfect person. Try to think about him sincerely and envision the qualities that he has as deeply as you can. Did that? Now let me ask again, are you still in love? Or are you now changing your mind to the new person that you just think about.

Aside from doing that, you might also try this scenario. For instance you and your partner are having a big fight. While in that situation, your partner may try to call you in different names that you really don’t want to hear and intensely argue with you. Are you still in love? Will you still forgive him for what he has done and forget about what happened? Or will you hate him for the rest of your life.

You may also try to take this type of test. All of us will lose the physical charm that we have when we get old. So you may try to find some photographs of your favorite movie stars when they were young and compare their physical look at the present. Now take that situation to your partner. We you still fall in love with him? Are you sure that you’re going to love him for the rest of your life knowing that he may lose all his physical charm when he gets old?

Love is a wonderful feeling that lasts for a lifetime. It can take any fights in its stride. When asked, you can’t easily define love, it’s how it works. However when in love with someone, you care more about him more than yourself. You easily become more generous and caring with your true love.

Do you possess this kind of feeling? If the answer is yes, then without a doubt it is love. If you don’t, then I guess you will need to think about it more.