The Guy Magnet Review by James Scott

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2 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    Ok so in the beginning, me and this guy were just friends. Then one day one thing lend to another and now we are “friends with benefits” but I really like this guy A LOT! I’ve told him that I like him as more than just a friend but he told me he just wants to be “friends” because he doesn’t want to mess up the friendship we have now. Will this book help me to make him change his mind and want to be more then just “friends with benefits” and take it to the next level of being my boyfriend? Or would I just be wasting my money ?

    • Paul Ramirez says:

      Hello Jay,

      Wow tough situation to be in! Being trap in a “Friends with Benefits” type of relationship is really hard and I would suggest that you need to evaluate yourself and your relationship with your friend. If you’re only doing it because you like him or you didn’t want to lose your friendship with him either, you have to take that extra step to make that decision because sooner or later that relationship will soon fail.

      But if you really like that guy and wants him to like you back, I suggest you take this course “The Guy Magnet”. It’ll help you understand how a man thinks when it comes to relationship and use that to your advantage.

      Another great course as well for this type of relationship is the Secret Survey by Michael Fiore. That guide is created from the surveys he collected from interviews and experiences he has as a relationship coach. Plus there’s a continues coaching, where you can talk to Mike himself about your situation and how to solve it in a long run. I highly suggests it!! You can get it here

      You can try them and if you’re not satisfied, you can always ask for a refund. So I guess there’s no wasting of money there.

      Let me know if you still have some questions…


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