Types of Communication in Relationships – What are Those?

Go out and enjoy watching clouds in the sky. It all seems non-moving, right? Then as it moves slowly across the blue sky, without knowing it’s already gone. It’s very much the same as love; it disappears suddenly without knowing that it’s gone already.

At first, when we are just entering into a new relationship, everything’s fine. There’s a healthy communication among couples. Both the verbal and the non-verbal communication are doing well. And as time goes by, issues will pop up and then all of a sudden healthy communication will then be made when needed. It all becomes need based to both partners when earlier in the relationship, it was all love based. These are the two types of communication within a relationship that may dictate the future of the partners. So how do love based and need based communication differ from each other?

lost love

Communication and Relationship

When it comes to a love based communication, there’s a mutual relationship among them. They talk to one another about everything on this Earth. They usually talk about their goals, their ambitions, how they feel to one another, their future dreams and everything that makes them feel connected. While in a need based communication, they just talk to one another minimally. The thing that keeps the relationship intact is the limit to the communication they have and nothing else. It may just be about the monthly bill payments and other talks that are important to them. However this type of communication gives no excitement and joy to the relationship. It is the type of communication that couples having dead relationships do.

How to Revive a Dead Communication in a Relationship

To make the communication becomes healthy and alive again, talking with the partner is the real and obvious answer. Simply reminisce the good old days together and talk about it with your partner. Those happy moments when the relationship is just starting. Start talking with him or her again on that way. It may be hard at the start since both partners widened that gap in between them but slowly and patiently, all the barriers will just fall into pieces.

Healthy and effective communication between partners will lead to a strong and mature relationship. The lack of it will result in hasty decisions that can lead to a painful break up and separation. So it’s wise to make that decision to talk, listen and communicate again with one another. Similar Posts:

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