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RelationsTips is created with an aim to provide quality and useful content to readers seeking advice on their relationship and dating experiences. That’s why we are committed in giving more and more articles and informative content each day.

penBut as much as we work our butts off, we still need guest bloggers. This is to provide a wide range and further information about this blog. You will write articles that is unique and relevant to the theme of RelationsTips.

Guest Blogger Guidelines!

Of course like anything else, we do have some guidelines before we can accept your article and post it here in RelationsTips. Please read the following carefully so we can both save time and effort…

1.) Must be 100 percent and CopyScape unique.

Articles must not be copied or posted from any other source on the internet. You must own the rights to the article that you’re planning to submit including the images and by submitting, you’re permitting this website RelationsTips.com to publish it.

2.) The links must not be within the first 3 paragraphs of the article. 

The links in your article must not be within the first 3 paragraphs of the article. As much as possible, place it in your Bio section. Also, your article must not link to porn websites and those that support hate or violence, sites that are still under construction or any other form of spam on the internet.

3.) Articles must sound friendly to the user when you read it and must be over 600 words in length.

Please make sure that your article is over 600 words or it will be rejected automatically. Also the article must sound friendly when you read it and must be free from spelling and grammar errors.

4.) Topic and links must be related to this website. 

When you’re submitting an article, please make sure that it’s related to this website including the links. If you’re linking to a non-related website, please insert your links in your bio and not within the body of the article.

Once ready, please submit your article for review using the form below. We’ll contact you if it needs revision or got published. If in case you still have questions, you may reach us using the contact form.

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