How to be approachable to men? Read these tips…

1. Be more sociable. Talking to as many people as you possible can is a great help. Start by talking about their personal stories, and don’t forget to share a laugh from time to time. This can make you look you look a lot more friendly because you will look sociable by doing this.

2. Smile! Try to smile as often as you possibly can. This makes you happier as a person and much easier to approach to than a person having a bad day or perhaps a having just a neutral expression.

3. Don’t let stress and problems affect you. If you’re out of the house, try to focus on the present. Don’t even think about the minor stresses and problems, because as a result you will look pressured and stressed, which may cause you to appear not friendly.

4. Two to three friends can be fun. Hang out with just a couple of folks as opposed to a big group of friends. This can make you look less intimidating to be approached by someone and a lot more friendly.

5. Be confident! You’ll be a lot more approachable to folks if you have the self-confidence believing that you’re really worth approaching. That confidence in yourself as well as your self-worth can make others want to get to know all the good things about you. Having that confidence in yourself and the strong will can attract lots of people to you.

6. Improve yourself. The best way to be more approachable to anyone and have all sorts of people to approach you is usually to broaden your horizons and to continuously improve yourself. Be it having a new skill in painting to grow your cultural world or visiting a gym 3x a week for yoga, trying new things and having yourself included in a multitude of things will help you make new friends and improve yourself while doing so.

7. Be sure to look nice and presentable. If you look like someone who’s been living under the rock for years, odds are you are not going to appear friendly with anybody. Regardless of whether you don’t like to get well dressed, you must at least make some efforts to look neat and presentable.

8. Never forget your manners. In case you bump into someone without having to say anything like excuse me or you get something from a person without a thanks, people surrounding you that see this might think that you’re rude or obnoxious. When they notice that you are not using some good manners, they might be less inclined to approach you.

9. The dress you wear… Wear something with confidence and can make you comfortable all the time. Dress something that will make you feel as if you’re a princess but be sure that it’s something you’re comfortable in. If you’re not at ease with your clothes, it can show that you’re not confident as a person.

10. That look! Never turn your head away if a person looks at you. Instead, look into their eyes for a couple of seconds then look away. It’ll make him a lot more interested in you.