Every individual is different and so are their relationships. Every couple faces the same kinds of conflicts and problems that they need to tide over. Trusting someone and living a life with them is not easy, it takes a lot of effort and compromise.

But what makes some relationships thrive more than others?  There are certain essential things that the couples need to have in their relationship in order to build a strong foundation.

  • Communication: Communication is a very important factor in building a successful relationship. Happy couples always talk to each other about everything. They are vocal about expressing their love and appreciation for each other. If there are any troubling issues in the relationship, they discuss it and arrive at a solution together. Some people may feel embarrassed about discussing certain things with their partners. This can be damaging to the relationship in the long run. The key to a healthy relationship is proper communication.
  • Respect each other: In a healthy relationship couples give each other the due respect. They respect the choices and the decisions that their partners make. They never verbally or physically abuse one other. They never blame each other for the problems either.
  • Giving each other space: Even though they are a couple, they are individuals too. They have a life beyond the relationship. They may have their own interests and activities that may not be same as their partner. The partner needs to accept that and respect that space. Only then a relationship can be happy and satisfying.
  • Appreciation: Time often makes us take things for granted, even relationships. In a successful relationship, couples voice their appreciation for one another. Even if it is a small thing, they notice it and make it a point to thank them for the effort. Every human being has their qualities and flaws. Concentrating on the good qualities will strengthen the bond. Lack of appreciation can give rise to a feeling of contempt in partners.
  • Reasons for fights: No relationship can survive without disagreements and fights. Often egos come in between making the issue bigger than it is. In order to make a relationship successful, couples need to need to let go of their ego and compromise on certain things. Fighting is not the solution to everything and too many fights can weaken the relationship from within.
  • No comparison: Every relationship is unique and the couples must learn not to compare themselves with anyone else. They must be happy in their own dynamics and try to make it better in their own way.
  • Spend quality time: Happy couples necessarily do not spend a lot of time with each other. What is important is they spend quality time together and enjoy themselves.
  • Sex: The key to happy and deep relationship is a gratifying sexual life. For couples, sex is not just a physical activity, but a way of connecting with each other.
  • Time Apart: Spending time with each other is important, but it is also essential to spend time apart. Staying together all the time can result in unhealthy dependence.
  • Expressing your love: This is something all couples do at the beginning of the relationship. Strong and happy couples keep expressing their love for each other verbally or through surprises, gifts, etc.