Proposing to the one you love in front of everyone can be considered cute and sweet for most people but there are some who considered this as too much. Sometimes women don’t know what to say or what to do when everyone’s eyes were on them and they just ran away.

When a guy does this and the girl said no in an open crowd is a total embarrassment and humiliation for him. So here’s a collection of 10 Most Embarrassing and Brutal Wedding Proposal Fails.

1. In the Middle of Rockets Game

Who will never forget this when a man got humiliated in front of the NBA crowd and national television. Even T-Mac got a smile on his face after the disaster and I think this is the first video I watched in YouTube about wedding proposal that got rejected.

2. Inside a Mall

This guy gets rejected at the food court when he proposed to his girlfriend. One of the most embarrassing I think and you can really see it in his face when the girl ran away.

3. During a UCLA Basketball Game

This just happened recently during a UCLA basketball game and created a buzz across the internet. There’s been a debate if the act was fake or not. We’ll, watch the video and it’s for you to decide if this marriage proposal is scripted or not.

4. Onstage at a Concert

While watching the video, I was expecting that the girl would say YES but to my surprise, she just ran away from him. Everyone in the crowd were cheering for the guy but became a laughing stock when his act failed. I guess maybe it’s the ring? Or she just can’t handle the pressure in front of thousands of people.

5. In Christmas at a Family Party

It’s encouraging for anyone to make a wedding proposal when your family and friends are there behind you, supporting you. But it can really devastating for a guy when his girl says NO in front of them as everyone inside the room were expecting the big YES.

I don’t know if this is real or not but you decide.

6. During the Wizards Basketball Game

A girl was very surprised when her boyfriend makes a marriage proposal in front of the whole crowd during the Wizards game. She thought that it was just a find me game but when she removed her blindfold, the guy was on bended knee. To her surprise, she ran away from him. Too bad!

7. On Ellen Degeneres Show

This one is pretty funny! You may want to see it yourself. A man came to the show and ask her girlfriend to marry him and she said NO in front of the national television. So the staff have to cut the show to skip the drama and start the gift giving part instead.

8. On Almost Late Show w/Bobby Bones

A guy gets crushed when his girlfriend didn’t answer the big question in front of the TV. You can see it on the guy’s face how embarrassed he was when the act failed.

8. On stage in Front of Everyone

The girl says no and walk away from the stage when her boyfriend asked the question. If you’re the guy, what would you do on that situation?

9. At a Baseball Game

The girl slapped his boyfriend when he tried to ask her to marry him in front of a noisy and cheering crowd surrounding them, then she ran away. You can see in the video below that a woman trying to comfort the guy after the epic fail and went after for the girl to talk to her, I guess!

10. During the Hudson Valley Renegades Game

I think this one is the most painful and brutal of all as the girl said it to him directly that she can’t marry him and walk away crying.

I know there can be reasons behind why these ladies let their man down when they pop the big question in front of a big crowd like they’re just being overwhelmed with the situation or feels like they’re being forced to answer yes.

As a guy, will you be man enough to do the wedding proposal in public? And for ladies, what will you do if your boyfriend do the same thing, will you answer them YES?