Looking for some answers on how to be relationship ready? These tips can surely help…

1. Past relationship problems. This emotional baggage isn’t a lovely quality, so doing all your best to get over these problems you had from the past is perfect for both you and your partner. Don’t hesitate to ask for any help from family and friends, since they’re the lifelines when facing hard issues.

2. Controlling relationships. With this awareness will let you avoid a poor relationship. Controlling partners will show coercive habits at the start of a relationship, but at times it’s hard to see the early signs of it. Look for warnings, like having that emotion of being a little nervous when you’re around or constantly doing the things just to please him while pleasing yourself as well at the same time.

3. How he thinks about seeing others. If he says to you it’s not acceptable but looks very cautious about his answers, then ask him again how he thinks about getting into a new relationship. If he says to you he hasn’t thought of it yet or perhaps he said that he’s not ready, then chances are he’s not serious.

4. Is it just sex? Think about all the interaction you have when he calls you or when you’re out on a date and just leads to sex all the time. If that’s the situation, then he’s just using you and will not commit. This simply implies that he can always have sex with you without any emotions involved. This kind of man is difficult to change.

5. What his actions? Always judge your guy by his actions and never with his words. A man who mentions about his friends and family most of the time feels like a man who loves to share. Think about how often he really introduce you to his friends or family. If he’s not, then he’s not completely ready for a new relationship.

6. Does he make any plans for both of you to go out? A man who cares will not just sit around and wait for you to make decisions. Don’t ask anything from him to do something for both of you on a regular basis. If he’s doing the effort, he then is a man who’s ready for a new relationship.

7. The keys. Ask him for his keys in his apartment and give him yours. A man who’s really serious is not going to have second thoughts in trading keys. A man who declines however is a person who is hiding something, and odds are he’s not ready for any relationship yet.

8. Think about all the reasons why you would like to have a new partner in a new relationship. Be sure that you wouldn’t like to be in a situation simply because you feel you just need one. It’s best to wish for good reasons, like to express your life with somebody new or simply because you just love the person.

9. Know if you have the time for it. A lot of people end up busy with work or with family and friends and don’t think they’re going to have the time to commit to another person. Your relationship will never work if someone feels ignored, so before things get too serious, make sure the commitment of time for both of you.

10. You have to be emotionally ready and financially secured. If not, then you’ll just rely to your partner all the time and can truly destroy a relationship, and you may lose your confidence along the way.

11. He never talks about his exe’s and past relationships. A guy who’s ready to enter a new relationship with someone new will barely mentions about his ex and in my opinion, you must not ask as well. It’s better if you know less about it.