Love is something that is really hard to define and when in a moment that your partner asks you why you love them, you’ve got nothing to say. You maybe asking yourself from time to time what exactly the reasons why you love him and still you get no clear answers.

Not just for special days (when we tend to get a cheese card),  but just to keep your love growing find the “Reasons Why I Love You” and and let your partner know. You can just tell them, or get a card and personalize it, whatever avenue you choose make sure your reasons are honest and sincere.

i love you

Here are some of our ideas…

  1. I love bad boys/girls and you’re one of them.
  2. You’re a great kisser and I feel like I’m flying while we kiss.
  3. You’re the best thing that happened to me ever.
  4. Usually my friends get jealous when we’re together.
  5. You choose the best dress for me.
  6. I love your smile.
  7. You always hug me and tell me that everything will be alright especially when I’m down and crying.
  8. I love that you are there for me.
  9. You make me feel special.
  10. When I feel excited and happy, you are always the first person to know.
  11. I find myself nothing else to talk with my friends but you.
  12. I love it when you tease me and I can see that others are jealous of me.
  13. I love your jokes, even those that others don’t find funny.
  14. When the phone rings, I’m always excited to answer it because I know it’s you on the other end.
  15. When I’m watching romantic movies at home alone, I consider our relationship to be like love story.
  16. I can see us going a long way together.
  17. I look forward to our holidays, so we can spend more time together.
  18. I’m wishing that the seat beside me is seated by you.
  19. I love it when you hold me in your arms.
  20. There are occasions when I can’t face you mainly because I feel shy.
  21. I spend most of my time thinking of you especially when I’m alone.
  22. I feel spoilt when you are around.
  23. You always remember my birthday and our anniversary! Even if I don’t.
  24. I often catch your eyes looking at when we are out with friends, it makes me feel great.
  25. You don’t say a thing but and you know everything about me.

And so, go grab your distinctive reason for loving your own partner and remove all the cheesy reasons that don’t complement your personal style.