approaching womenWhen planning to approach women, even before you say a single word to her or done something nice, she already had put you into the one of three categories in her subconscious mind. It’s the I Like Him, I Don’t Like Him and the Undecided categories.

So now you know the three categories, below are some of the strengths and drawbacks of these categories that you might want to know.

1.) I Like Him! If you know of someone that she likes and adores so much, dress like that man. In this way you can connect better with her because you’re one step ahead. Remember that if you would want to take this to another level, it’s up to you now. This can be a great thing for you and if ever you just fall to the average guy level on her eyes, just expect that things like this happen of about 10 percent of the women population who are available.

2.) I Don’t Like Him! Did you meet someone before and for no reason at all you just said to yourself that you don’t like them?

Women are much the same way. They just don’t like men who don’t have confidence in themselves and act as if they’re the most petted person in the whole world. If in case you fall in this type of category, at least 10 percent of the male does if that guy is just an average man. Not unless if you have an external factor within in you that may propel your manhood to another level like being famous, rich or having hot ex still following you. I guess that there’s nothing you can do about it that may change her mind and end up being attracted to you.

3.) The Undecided! In all honesty, 80 percent of the guys fall under this category if you’re an ordinary or average guy. Most books about seduction and how to attract women that I have read also tells this fact. It is because for as long as you are in the undecided category, you can still work your way up in attracting her to you. And I think this is great news for everyone.

Needless to say now is the time to get your way of life in order so whenever you walk to a woman that you simply find as a potential partner and she’s thinking to herself possibly or possibly not throughout a cup of coffee or tea you possibly can flip that perhaps into a yeas and boost your success with girls enormously.