common relationship mythsThere are many common relationship myths out there. Relationships are complex. They are often subject to conflicts and constant debates. Each of the relationships is different. Each of the relationships has certain indefinable aspect of human life. Each of them can have its own set of confusions and uncertainty. Human relations are subjective; you need to understand this if you have entered into a relationship yourself. There are several types of relationships, parental, love, family, romantic, and extramarital are just a few of the types from a sea of different types of relations between two persons. Remember, being in a relationship is an added responsibility. The success of a relationship is the result of collective behavior of the partners, responsibilities, and behavioral patterns. The personal preferences of the persons also come to the forefront. There are a few myths about the relationships and people often fail to see the practical side of it. But knowing the truth will help you to deal with it in the best possible manner. Here are some common relationship myths and why we don’t believe in them.

Common Relationship Myth 1:

One of the myths about love relationship is that there is a soul mate or a true love for everyone. This is definitely a myth and there is no ideal relationship, quite contrary to what everyone believes. You get into a relationship with a person just because there are certain criteria of yours where the person matches. However, if you search, there might be many of such persons. Guess if you were born in another part of the world, there could have been a different person for you. So, it is possible to get more than one ‘perfect soul mate’ for you.

Common Relationship Myth 2:

Best relationship is between two people of similar personality is what everyone thinks. It is true that similar personalities and people of similar mindsets are generally attracted to each other. However, sometimes people just force them into a relationship. No one is similar in this world. People can be different. But if they have an understanding between them, they could live happily in a relationship. Two people may be similar in certain aspects, while they can be different in some other aspects. That is the reason you should know that similarity is a vague concept.

common relationship myths

Common Relationship Myth 3:

People often thing that love is everything in a relationship. However, it can start from mere attraction and if there are no obligations, responsibilities, or adjustments in a relationship, it is definitely going to come to an end. For long term relationships, it is very important to have the right temperament, tolerance, and humility. Love is based on all such factors and qualities. It is very important for both the partners in a relationship to be good to each other and carries out their responsibilities.

There are many common relationship myths that you can hear from people when you talk about relationships to them. Different people will say different things about love and relationship. This is mainly because love is subjective and it varies from person to person.  Some would tell you that having regular quarrels is a sign of a healthy relationship. But you understand your relationship the best and you would be able to handle it the best possible manner. Don’t believe these relationship myths – make up your own mind based on your own relationship