Are you facing some problems in your relationship and are thinking whether you should carry on like this or move on? Remember, every relationship is complex, and there are problems that can occur at any point in almost any relationship, no matter how close you are. No one can exactly predict what happens in a relationship. However, in every relationship there are certain common problems. Read on to know what those problems are so that if you ever face those problems, you are ready to face them in the right manner. It would also save your relationship. Remember, in the beginning, the level of adjustment and tolerance are more. But as the relationship grows old, good feelings are replaced by casual attitudes and problems are more. It is at this point in your relationship, where you need to show tolerance and patience. If right measures are not taken at the right time, the relationship can end in a breakup.

Poor communication should be taken care of: How many times a day you communicate and what is the topic of your conversation matters in a relationship. Poor communication also causes misunderstandings between the partners. Moreover, most of the time, it is not the issue itself, which causes the problem, but it is the lack of proper communication that the message gets misunderstood. Without proper communication do not assume that your partner will understand what you mean to say. Discus all the aspects of your relationship and be aware of the attitudes you should and each other’s likes and dislikes.  You should talk about the dislikes and expectations of both the partners in the relationship. Do not be scared to communicate with your partner for the fear of hi/her reaction or a quarrel. If the messages get in the wrong way to your partner, it can also affect the relationship in the wrong manner.

Sexual relationship: Make sure that you and your partner are not incompatible in bed. Everyone has personal ambitions when it comes to sex, and if something goes wrong, it may affect your relationship with the person. You should never sacrifice your personal desires for the sake of your partner’s. This, in the long run will affect your relationship in the wrong way.

Financial management: Both the people in a relationship should contribute to the financial management. Mutual sharing and cooperation in the financial matter is expected to be able to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. If you are in a relationship, be ready to spend for common needs and requirements of the household. This would mean that you are healthy and happy in a relationship. Know the limitations of the partner and let him/her know yours. You should be aware of all the financial obligations. Knowing the financial status and salaries of each other can help in managing the finances better. You should know how to manage finances in the best possible manner.

Most importantly, there should be trust in a relationship. Never break the trust of the other person. You should also involve in as less conflicts as possible. Try to solve every small issue between you so that you can avoid a breakup.