A relationship that flourishes like a fairy tale is actually hard to find. You need to make your relationship work. There are certain rules of being happy and contented in a married life for a long time. The divorce rates are high, signaling that there are not many couple who knows the secret to be happy and healthy in a married relationship. The “head-over-heels-giddy-in-love” feeling lasts for a short while. After that, the life gets busy with career, kids, parents’ illnesses, and the stress of raising  a family and keeping things together. And, before you know it, the romantic feeling in the marriage is pushed back. The loving relationship with your partner also takes a back seat and is often in need for a maintenance. Otherwise, you’d find one day that the person you were once in love with is no longer the same in your life and you will find that the relationship lacks the love and honor that you had promised one another.Often the relationship ends in grief, shame, animosity, and frustration. You need to prioritize your relationship and know the rules to keep in happily going ever after. Given below are certain rules for a happy and healthy married life:

Recommit every day: Remember what you promised to each other on the day of the marriage. Start each morning with a promise to yourself that you’d relive the promises that you made on the day of your wedding. Remember what you said to your spouse on the day of the marriage. Love your spouse and honor her. Make her feel comfortable. You need to do these in both bad and good times and in every day of your marriage.

Evaluate your self-worth: Happily married couple draws a lot of self-worth from the relationship itself. Check what are the other things that are keeping you happy and contented, like your job, and your property. Find your worth. You may be happy with your position in office, but you should also be happy that you married your spouse.

Tell your wife/husband that you love and appreciate her: Complimenting your spouse will make him/her feel great. Doing it consistently will make your relationship running happily for a long time. You should remind yourself of all the reasons you fell in love with that person. List the good qualities that you love in your spouse and be in love. Tell him or her how much you love and respect your spouse. Tell her that she is beautiful (or handsome, if it’s the husband).

You must acknowledge the things that your spouse does for you. You must return the favor in whichever way possible and make her/him happy. There are small acts of kindness that will make your partner feel happy and contented. There are acts that will not require a lot of energy, but will be priceless for your relationship.

One of the most important things in a relationship is not to let resentment build up and damage your relationship. Remember, every relationship is different and there are different rules for each. You should take care and nurture your own relationship in the best possible manner known to you.