Christmas is already around the corner and lots of people are in a hurry of buying gifts for their loved ones. It’s one of the most magical times of the year and my favorite season as well. But what if you’re celebrating the holiday season with that special someone for the first time? It can be fun really; however things can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t plan everything ahead.

If you’re in a new relationship and celebrating Christmas together for the first time, my simple advice is to have attainable expectations and talk with your partner for ideas on how you are going to celebrate the holidays. It’s important so you will know and plan everything ahead to avoid any pitfalls.

Now here are some situations and ideas that you may want to discuss with your partner before the Christmas day arrive.

christmas couple

1. Having different religions.

Being in a different religion from your partner is a big issue when it comes to holiday season. It’s one of the most obvious problems that may occur when both are in different faiths. So it is important that both of you know exactly how you want to celebrate it.

Usually, couples will just include some of the traditions and beliefs from both sides. How you will combine everything or the things that both of you will do, will totally depend on what you both decide. Don’t worry about what the others will say on things that must be done or must not be done. As long as you are in agreement with each other, you can do pretty much anything you want.

2. Dividing time between families.

You must talk with your partner on how you will divide the time between your families. Most of the time, couples will have an agreement to spend the Christmas Eve on one family and the other on the day of Christmas. This only works if you live close to both families.

What if his/her family is on the other state? Then try to visit for Thanksgiving and the other family for Christmas. It’s that simple.

Obviously, this tip isn’t the only option you may have but it’s a great place to start. Both of you will have to sit down and talk the best option for both of you.

3. What gifts to give?

Oh, the gifts. Being in a new relationship during the holiday season can become awkward when it comes to gift giving. Of course, it can be embarrassing if you give a sweater and the other give you something more expensive like jewelry. Right?

But how will you solve this? Yes you may talk about it early and decide what gift you want for Christmas and discuss the price range as well. However this may become uncomfortable since you’re just in a new relationship.

Sadly, I don’t have a lot of answers on how you can overcome this. But you must discuss this early to your partner and come up with an agreement to avoid any misunderstanding.

Celebrating a Christmas season with your new partner can be fun. You must talk about your ideas early so both of you can prepare. Don’t worry about everything, you and your partner can surely have the chance in creating a lot of memories together and this is just the beginning. So enjoy and Merry Christmas to both of you!