Valentines Day IdeasValentine’s Day is one of the worst days to celebrate for those who are single and not in a relationship with someone.

At the beginning of the year, right after the celebration of New Year’s Eve, business owners across the street are getting too busy to build those red hearts and cupids to theme the upcoming Cupid’s holiday. What’s worse is that you see all the time this commercial on T.V. about jewelries that all you can think of is to throw that TV. screen off the window.

However, before you decide to hide yourself inside your house to skip the Valentine’s Day, you should know that there are lots of singles out there who made the decision to stand their ground this 14th of February and reclaim the day as their own.

A lot of people who are not in a relationship are making a protest on that day by simply creating activities that are fun and enjoyable. I guess it’s time you do the same for yourself!

Listed below are some of the simple ideas to celebrate the Valentine’s Day either alone or with some close friends.

1.) Plan and throw a pizza party.

You may invite some of your friends at home and order your favorite pizza. Have some fun with board games, chatting, or maybe watching movies. You may choose some romantic movies to watch and open that wine to add flavor on that day.

2.) Get out of the house when you’re alone.

Get dressed and enjoy eating a dinner at a nearby restaurant. You may also choose to play pool or maybe bowling while having a beer. The thing is, getting out of the house is one of the most effective means in treating those Valentine’s Day blues.

3.) Treat and relax yourself for the entire day.

You may make an appointment at a nearby spa to have a body massage that you’re longing for a very long time. After that, visit a mall and have a window shopping. Just keep in mind that whatever you do during this day, make it enjoyable and fun. You truly deserve it.

If you’re single on the Valentine’s Day, keep in mind that you have the option to get out of the Valentine’s Day Blues and be the source of your depression and loneliness. Your relationship status is not the only thing that counts and validates you as a person, your personality does. So good luck with everything and I do hope you truly enjoy the season of love and hearts.