blind dateIf you’re single, you know that you can be a magnet for people taking on the role of Cupid who want to set you up with a friend or that cute coworker they claim would be absolutely perfect for you. And if you’ve finally given into their requests (just to get them off your back, of course), the idea of going out with someone whom you’ve never even met before can be a bit intimidating.

Okay, intimidating is an understatement—the words “blind date” alone are enough to send you into full-fledged panic mode accompanied by the symptoms of a fake cold in an attempt to get out of the commitment hours before date time. So that you follow through and survive your blind date, be sure to check out the following three tips that will guarantee the most successful blind date possible:

Blind Date Tip #1: Prepare for anyone.

Okay, so if a friend has set you up with someone, it’s likely that said friend has given you the lowdown on this potential match—or you’ve taken it upon yourself to do a sweep of all pertinent social networking sites to make sure that this person seems legit enough to hang with the likes of you.

Either way, hopefully you have enough scoop to know a general idea of what your date is all about (and what they look like so that it isn’t completely blind)—but still, keep a realistic idea of who you will meet and how the date will go. It’s likely that your friend could have exaggerated your date’s looks or credentials…but some of the best relationships can flourish out of something that you least expect—so go into the date with an open mind and embrace the chance you have to meet someone new.

Blind Date Tip #2: Be yourself and no one else.

One of the most crucial rules when it comes to dating in any fashion is this one. Sure, you want to make the best impression that you can, but if that impression is one of a person who isn’t you, then don’t expect a successful blind date…and definitely don’t expect any more to follow.

Remember that honesty is the best policy and don’t be afraid to confidently let your true self and personality shine through—and if your date isn’t into that, well then they can hit the bricks and you can move right along to the next date who will totally dig you for you.

Blind Date Tip #3: Strap on a positive attitude.

If you ask any man or woman what they find attractive in a counterpart, a large percentage of them will tell you that positivity is one of the most devastatingly sexy traits that there is. So even if you completely despise your friend for setting you up and you’re looking forward to the root canal you have scheduled next week more than you’re looking forward to your blind date, put on your best smile and suck it up.

If you sit there with a frown or cry into your pasta about your ex who tore out your heart and stomped it to pieces, it will probably be an early night for you. Instead, keep the topics light and talk about the parts of life that make you happy—and you never know, you might really end up hitting it off with your blind date!

About the Author: Meggin Sanez, owner of Best Black Dating Sites, is volunteer contributor who gives us her advice for going on a blind date.  Meggin also writes for a website where she shares information about medical malpractice cases.