As technology grows, more people are turning to online dating as a way of meeting more people in less time. For most, it is easier to create a single profile for hundreds of prospects to see rather than hitting the clubs or bars to find their next match. Because of the ease of online dating, there are hundreds of sites to choose from. But many online daters don’t understand why they are not getting quality responses from the thousands of members on the site. One of the main reasons for online dating failures is the user’s profile. Here are some areas you should pay close attention to when creating your profile.

Your Username

What’s in a name? When dating online, there is a lot in a name. With the ability to create a username that is unique and descriptive to you, you should pay close attention to what you choose. Just because you have the ability to create a funny username, doesn’t mean you should. You should choose something that is non-offensive, rated PG, and describes you or your likes. If you want to be taken seriously you want to avoid usernames like justagoodtime69 or email4hotnights. You will find the responses to be as crude as your username.

Your Profile Picture

Search any dating website and you will epic failures in profile picture choices. This is meant to be the face of your profile and first impressions really do count. You want to present yourself the way you would present yourself in person. If you wouldn’t show up to the first date in your bra and panties bent over, don’t use that as your profile image. A few other profile picture don’ts include:

  • Pictures of your with your ex.
  • Sexy pictures of you with your kids in the room.
  • Pictures of you drinking or using drugs.
  • Pictures of you holding a baby over a balcony.
  • Any picture that requires you to take clothes off before taking.

The About Me Section

This is a section of your profile that should take time and thought before filling out. You want to be sure you include things you like, your personality, your characteristics and what separates you from the profile the person looked at before yours. You can put your favorite music, favorite food, or even favorite animal. What you don’t want to do is fill this section with drama from past relationships, how depressed, lonely or desperate you are, and definitely don’t put a rant about how the opposite sex sucks for a wide range of reasons.

What You Are Looking For

If you don’t know what type of person you are looking for, then you will never find them. Before you start typing your long list of requirements, be realistic. You will most likely not find a great looking millionaire with a good heart, fast car, huge mansion, who volunteers at the homeless shelter. You want to describe a real person, not the dream you had the night before. If someone is looking for love online, the chances are they have flaws, they want to get to know a real person, or they just want to find someone with the same interests without going on countless dates.

Online dating can be a great way to weed through the single population and find someone that shares the same interests as you do. By creating an honest and real profile that shows you have self-respect and values, you will have a better chance of finding the love you are searching for.

Laura Renick writes for relationship blogs. She recommends, whose blog for helpful dating tips.