The dating scene can be intimidating. This is especially true for people who have been out of the game for some time. If your parent is ready to get back out there after a divorce or a loss, there are a number of ways that you can help. From connecting with new friends to pursuing interests outside the home, finding the right option for senior dating doesn’t have to be painful. Here are four strategies that can help them move forward and find potential love interests.

Encourage Them to Do Something They Enjoy
Maybe your mom or dad loves art, cooking, or a particular sport. Why not encourage them to participate in a class, or join a team? Do some research about activities offered in your local area. Chances are there’s a nearby class being offered or a meet up group for people who have similar interests to theirs. Sports lovers can also look into joining a team that’s geared towards older players. Many recreational leagues provide options for people who are over 5o years old. Sometimes getting back onto the dating scene is as simple as making connections with those who enjoy similar hobbies.

Introduce Them to a Friend
Perhaps you have a friend at work who you think would be a good fit with your parent. Why not introduce them? You can do a planned introduction in a casual setting such as a get together at your home, or a more formal setting like a blind date at a restaurant. Whatever way you choose, just make sure that your parent and colleague are comfortable with the idea before you make the introduction. And keep in mind that while they may be a good match, there’s a chance it might not work out. Avoid any relationship where the power dynamic would be a break up awkward.

Accompany Them to Interesting Places
If your parent is a music or art lover, why not take them to a concert or a museum? Getting them out of the house and making a trip somewhere interesting opens up an opportunity for them to connect with people. Who knows? Maybe they will meet someone interesting while viewing a painting by one of their favorite artists. Or perhaps they will get to chatting with a person seated nearby at a concert from a musician they love. Many community events offer mingling sessions or Q&As as well. Going to places that interest them is a great way to rekindle their desire to connect with the community and test the waters in social situations.

Create an Online Dating profile
Did you know there are dating sites out there geared toward 50 plus singles? More and more, older people are turning to senior dating online to make connections with potential matches. And who can blame them? Online dating allows you to essentially screen people before you express interest in meeting up with them in person. You can view their profile to see if your interests and lifestyles align well, if they live nearby, and what kinds of things they like to do. Online dating is a great way to meet new people and get back on the market again in a very low pressure way.

Getting back onto the dating scene after being off the market for several years can be scary. But there are ways to help ease the transition and make it a more comfortable experience for your parent. Encourage them to do things that they enjoy, consider introducing them to a friend, taking them to an interesting place, or helping them set up an online dating profile. If they’re ready to get back out there, help them get started today!

About the Author: Jen Klaus is a professional freelance writer who covers trends in health, wellness and aging.