When most people think of their wedding day they imagine a glorious day of brilliant sunshine, the birds are singing, the flowers are blossoming and the air is fragrant and warm. Unfortunately in England you’re more likely to be faced with grey skies, puddles, strong winds and shivering, rain-soaked guests. For people who have always envisaged themselves getting married outside before dancing the night away under the stars they’re walking a very thin tightrope where the odds of good weather are stacked against them, even in late July.

More and more people are opting to get jet-setting to a more exotic location in the search of some sunshine to tie the knot in. With so many beautiful, romantic and exotic locations around the world just choosing your destination could be half the hard work done.

Santorini, Greece
Santorini is an irresistibly picturesque little Greek island with beautiful white washed houses and churches scattered all over the rugged volcanic cliffs. Many of the buildings have blue rooftops that reflect the brilliant blue of the sea below the cliffs. This glamourous looking island boasts spectacular views from the cliff tops across the island’s sloping terrain and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. The weather in Santorini is faultless, with continuous sunshine all year around and a very dry climate. Get married at the top of a cliff looking out at breathtaking views over the village and the island’s volcano before taking your guests to one of the island’s wineries and then lounging on one of the many volcanic black sand beaches.

veniceVenice, Italy
It’s hard to choose just one romantic destination in Italy as the whole country is full of them! However the architecture and waterways in Venice are full of timeless romance which is why it has made it into our top 5 and also why has earned itself a reputation as one of the most romantic cities in the world! Venice has over 400 bridges and 150 canals, explore the city on one of the many water taxis that will take you around the canals. Why not get married on a gondola on the canals surrounded by picture-perfect Italian architecture with the sun setting behind you. Can’t think of anything more romantic? Neither can we.

South Africa
If you’re looking for an exotic wedding destination that has it all then you can’t beat South Africa! From beautiful countryside to paradise beaches, wildlife safaris to bustling sophisticated cities, South Africa can offer you a taste of everything. Why not get married on the beach before whisking your guests off on an exciting safari in the African plains? Johannesburg is a bustling city at the heart of South Africa with plenty to see and do, there are also lots of wedding planners in Johannesburg to help you to make your dream a reality. No matter what you choose to do during your trip, it’s guaranteed that a South African wedding will be as memorable as they come.

For anyone looking for an exotic, tropical, paradise beach wedding there’s no better location than the palm-fringed beaches of Mauritius. The sparkling crystal sea, white sands and peaceful, calm way of life in Mauritius make it a magical place, perfect for saying your vows. Explore the rest of the stunning scenery that the island has to offer away from its beaches, take a trip to the famous Pamplemousse’s Royal Botanical Gardens and explore the island’s hidden lagoons on a catamaran cruise.

If you’re looking for a location that is a little bit different but still has a tropical climate and stunning beaches then why not tie the knot in Cuba? The largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba’s beaches are just as spectacular as you’d expect them to be, a tropical paradise of palm-fringed white sands and glistening warm seas. If you head inland away from the sea the charm of Cuba is immediately apparent, sometimes described as seeming like it’s frozen in time, Cuba is full of romantic old baroque architecture and vintage American cars.

Wherever it is you choose to tie the knot, a wedding abroad will make your big day all the more memorable. Tying the knot in a spectacular, exotic location will mean you and your partner get to start the rest of your lives together doing something adventurous.

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