Going on holiday with friends or family is great, but there are times when couples need to spend some time alone. It is worth saving your money towards a special romantic getaway so that you can perhaps afford to push the boat out a little bit. Perhaps you could save a romantic holiday for an anniversary. It is better to spend your cash on a holiday than a party. You can always have a party for friends and family on your return. There are some fabulous destinations to choose from even if you are on a tight budget.

1. Thailand

Phuket in Thailand was simply made for couples! There are many activities to take part in along with stunning views and white sandy beaches. Many of the hotels have been situated facing the beach so chances are that you would have a great view from your hotel balcony. If water sports holiday interests you, then you can enjoy everything this island has to offer, from kayaking and snorkelling to sailing and diving in the coral reefs. Alternatively you can simply enjoy relaxing on a beachfront sunlounger while you gaze at the deep blue sea. You could take advantage of the luxury spas and have a joint Thai massage or simply walk hand in hand, taking in the sights and enjoying the easy pace of life.

2. Venice

Venice is one of the most romantic holiday destinations in Europe. It is steeped in history and has amazing things to see such as the Renaissance Palaces, St Mark’s Basilica, the Giant’s Stairway as well as numerous churches, museums and monasteries. For the ultimate romantic encounter you simply have to take a ride together on a gondola along the picturesque canals. The restaurants serve delicious authentic Italian cuisine and they are designed to offer loving couples a very intimate experience. You do not have to walk very far if you do not want to as there are many water taxis which will deliver you safely to your desired destination. As well as the historic architectural buildings, there are some lovely shops where you can buy genuine Venetian goods as mementos of your stay.

3. The Seychelles

The Seychelles is a famous holiday destination and well known for having some of the best beaches in the world. They are spotlessly clean, tranquil and offer powdery sands and azure waters. These warm waters are ideal for snorkelling and enjoying the sights of the multi colored fish which live in them. Alternatively you can take an excursion in a glass bottomed boat where you will see dolphins, whales and tropical fish. There is horse riding available so that you can explore the islands on horseback as well as guided nature tours. For lazier days you can pop on your flip flops and slowly walk around the island to admire the Creole houses, national reserves and marine parks. The pace of life on this romantic island is mellow. The locals are very welcoming and will be happy to tell you about sightseeing. For a relaxing evening there are many chilled out bars as well as casinos and restaurants. Where better to deliver the perfect marriage proposal for your loved one?

4. Barbados

For the ultimate Caribbean romantic holiday you cannot get much better than Barbados. The beaches boast clear, warm waters, barrier reefs and a huge assortment of colourful fish. If relaxation is not your thing, there are many different water sport activities to do including swimming with sea turtles. For a particularly romantic day out you should visit Harrison’s Cave. This limestone cave boasts breath taking stalactites and crystal clear streams which flow into waterfalls. This jewel of the Caribbean has spectacular scenery for couples to enjoy. As evening falls you can experiment with all the different types of Rum that is on offer as well as sampling some fine Caribbean food.

5. Cuba

Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean. It has everything to make a holiday romantic. As well as having sun, sea and sand, this island is steeped in history. Some of the architecture is beautiful, from the Spanish colonial buildings to the faded capital city of Havana. Couples can stroll along and admire the old fashioned shop windows and quaint coffee shops. Alternatively, there are many salsa clubs dotted around the island which couples can enjoy. There’s nothing quite as sexy as having a smouldering salsa dance with your other half. Although the people are extremely laid back, Cuba is a vibrant place which is full of life.

The 5 romantic holiday destinations mentioned are widely available to book online or at your local travel agent. Any of these places would offer a romantic setting and make for a very memorable time. If you do go please feel free to drop by www.RomanceNeverDies.com and let me know how you got on.