Have you ever wondered why your relationship had turned sour? Do you want to know the things that you should avoid in a relationship so that it does not break up all of a sudden? There is a very thin thread on which you need to walk in order to maintain and sustain your friendship or relationship.

There are people who do not dwell deep into what has happened in an earlier relationship and look to fall into another relationship straight away. But, what is the guarantee that the new relationship that you are planning also will not have the same fate as the old one? There is none, as you would be taking your past baggage and beliefs to the next stop. Hence, it is important for you to figure out what went wrong in your relationship so that you do not goof up the next one. The following are the few things that can easily break up a relationship.

Not Giving Enough Time

If you are in a relationship, then one of the most important things you need to bear in mind is to give ample time for your relationship to blossom. There are many lovers who feel that they had met only yesterday even after several years together.
It is important for you to make time for the special person in your life and entertain them with coffee dates, dinner dates, long strolls, time away from the rat race and so on to maintain the relationship.

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Never Take The Other Person For Granted

There is no way a relationship will last if you meet your partner a day or two in a month.
In the beginning, you need to meet and interact personally once in every few days at least to take the relationship forward. One to one communication and eye contact is the key to building a relationship.

You will not gain anything by missing your friend’s birthday or ignoring her phone calls for a long time or just sending her some funny SMSs and Facebook pokes.
And if your relationship goes to the next level and you move in with each other you need to ensure that you spend quality time with your partner to maintain a relationship.

Be a Good Companion During Hard Times

If you want your relationship to be a strong one, then you need to stick with your partner during hard times. You are not going to lose anything by cajoling and comforting your partner during hardships and giving her the hugs that she needs the most at such times. This will help in improving your bonding.
Your natural reaction to some events in life may be different, i.e. men tend to react with andger, while women becaome sad. As such this can be a challenging experience, but if you make the effort to bond in these situations your relationship becomes stronger than ever.

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Be Ready to Forgive

There is no doubt that a relationship will be having its share of ups and downs. There are going to be disagreements, arguments and hurts in any long term relationship. But, you need to inculcate the art of forgiving and compromising in order to sustain your relationship.

Don’t hold onto all little arguments and hurts if you want to stay with this person as it can turn into resentment. Instead you need to be ready to talk out the differences and find resolution and forgiveness.

Having High Expectations

There is no doubt that everyone will have certain expectations about their partner. But, the expectation levels should not go so high that it makes the other person feel he or she is a failure. You should not make unnecessary demands and threats to your partner as it might end up in the break up of your relationship.