As the popular saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. Keep this in mind when you go for a date the next time. It is very important that you be fully prepared to make the greatest impression. However, most of the time people are not aware of what you should and should not do on a date. Here are some tips for successful dates and to help you make an impression that will last:

You should “Pay”

Pay attention and money both. You must not speak of splitting the bill, especially if you are the guy. The lady might suggest paying a part of the bill, but do not accept the offer. If she insists, make her pay the amount she wishes and do not demand. You must also pay attention to her/him when he/she is talking and must listen with utmost care. Do pay attention to your dress and style. Make sure that you show table manners while eating and be chivalrous.

Pick an enjoyable activity

Do you want to go for a movie together? Or, do you want to go for a nice walk? Choose an activity or engage in something that you both will enjoy. Set the stage for something affordable and not something extravagant that you can’t afford. Do not break the bank on your first date. This in a way will also help you to find out whether your date likes you or your money. Be yourself and do not pretend something that you are not. It might otherwise cause a lot of confusion later.

Avoid wearing new clothes on your date

Are you planning to go for shopping for clothes to wear for your date? While it is important that you wear neat and ironed clothes for the date, it is unnecessary that you spend a lot of money in buying new clothes. Moreover, wearing new clothes may not be comfortable. More than wearing new clothes, focus on looking neat and be well-mannered and behave well with the person. It is very important to be comfortable to make a good first impression.

Go to a place where you can talk

While most of the people would love to go to a movie together, it will not give you ample time and opportunity to talk to each other. Instead, you can make a plan for a brunch or dinner together or can also go for a ride together. Talking to the person is very important as it will help you know the type of person you are dating. There’s a chock-full of activities that help to keep busy. But do not forget that the main purpose is to know the person whom you are dating.

Don’t be late and don’t make him/her wait

Be on time. Whether you are a guy or a girl, being late for a date is never accepted. So, it is better to choose a place for a meeting that is easily accessible and you’d be able to reach easily. It should be accessible to both of you.