Most of the guys who are planning for a first date would be looking to take their girlfriends for a movie or for a meal. This is one of the oldest adopted and known methods to impress a first time date. It is about time that you changed and become more open to other ideas of planning a date. If you do not want to be just a normal dude and would like to make your first date a memorable and fun filled one, the following list of date ideas must surely impress you.

A Gig

Taking your girl to a gig on a first time date is sure to impress her. It is important for you to first know what sort of music she loves. It is an easygoing date idea where you will have lots of time to chat with each other and get to know each other better. You can also use this as a point of reference in your talk and make the move.

Sports Event

If your date is interested in a particular sport, then it is wise for you to impress her by taking her on a date to a sports event. It provides you a casual setting to chat with one another and have an extended session for your first date. You will be in a buzzy atmosphere and make sure that you choose a sport that is not of great interest to both of you. Otherwise, you will end up cheering for your team or shed a tear or two on the final whistle minus the dating.

Romantic dinner

Treat Date with a New Cuisine

There is no doubt that restaurant date is a classic dating advice and it is not just about finding the right place to dine. It also can mean a lot to your girl if you find a new and ethnic restaurant that offers a new cuisine that both of you have not tasted before. It is a place where you will have a lot of conversation with the girl and can also impress your girl with a bit of your food knowledge. This place might become your favorite food joint for later dates.

Stand Up Comedy

One of the best ways to impress your girl on your first date is to take her for a live comedy show. Making your girl to laugh is one of the easiest ways to grab her attention and to gain a special place in her heart. You need to wait for a big show or a great performer to come to town. You can just take your girl to a comedy club or any small indie stand up comedy show. It is sure to be a fun date to remember.

Walk on Beach


Taking your girl on a long walk is a perfect idea for a first date as it gives both enough time to talk with each other and get to know about each other. It would also be great if this walking date culminated with a dinner. You need to choose an outdoor area that is less frequented by people and has good scenery and long walking paths so that you have enough time to get to know one another.