A relationship can be a field of unrealistic ideals, misunderstandings, hang-ups, habits, and old baggage. Thinking that we know our partners completely can stop us from being there for them and heating them. The problems of relationships come in various shapes and sizes and sometimes it might feel like there is no spark left. This leads to a stage where you feel frustrated and neglected. However, mindfulness can help you to manage your problems well. Here are some easy relationship fixes that you will help you out to get back on track.

mindful relationship

Learn to Listen Carefully

If you take out time to listen to your partner then it can make a lot of difference. Take time out for your partner and show genuine interest in what he/she has to say. You can get caught up in your own world and forget about the needs of the partner. When you learn to listen to things, you find out things that you did not know before, even when you have been in the relationship for a long period of time. If you are able to shift your attention then you will be able to make some room for your partner.

Just Let Him/Her Be

It is easy to try to change your partners, wishing and hoping that they had been different. You might even nag your partner to do something that they don’t want to. Before you start criticizing you partner, take in some deep breath and think whether it will help you if you make the comment. When you sit down to have your meal try to list five things that you just love about each other. This will lead to a conversation that will help you to think positive.

Enjoy Simple Touches

Touch is an important sensation and most of the time; you lose the closeness that you used to share in the beginning of the relationship. Instead of cuddling, you start bickering about every little thing. So, the next time you have physical contact, make sure that you feel your partner. Enjoy the warm sensation, even if it is only for a moment.

mindful relationship

Be Compassionate

In case your partner is going through a tough time then put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine how things are for them. Think what you would have done or wanted in the same situation. If you learn to look at things from their perspective, you will be able to gain a real understanding of your partner’s feelings. This will make everything easier as the most of the relationship problems stem from a misunderstanding or lack of understanding.

Invest in Each Other’s Emotional Bank account

Your relationship is like a bank account and making withdrawals all the time will leave you empty and things might start looking bleak. If you pay more with various acts of generosity and kindness then it will leave you feeling secure about your relationship. The act of giving to your partner will really make you happy. Your focus should be seeking an opportunity for kindness that is not consumed by any worrying thoughts. This way you will be free and will be able to enjoy life with your partner.