In this article we’re going to discuss the basics and fundamentals of establishing rapport with others. This is important especially when you’re going out on a first date.

Basically, the goal here and what a person should do are to just ask questions. It must be a positive approach and with an open attitude. You should also encourage the other person in an open exchange of communications that includes the verbal as well as the non verbal. Always listen and pay attention to what the other person is saying verbally and the body gestures.

establish rapportBelow are the important details when you want to establish and start a rapport with someone else.

1. Remember to ask questions.

When building rapport with someone else is just like having an interview or it’s much the same as a reporter asking questions to create his article to write.

Always relax and know the person on what interests they may have so you can connect easily with them. You can start by throwing some comments or compliments to what they wear or how they look with the dress. If you’re online, you can ask the computer they are using and things like that. After that, try to follow up some related questions with them. Use some follow up questions that can entice a topic for you to talk with them while you slowly lead the person to something that you would like to talk with them.

2. Don’t forget the attitude.

Always come up with a positive attitude when you want to establish a rapport to someone else. If you have some social labels in you, it’s to leave that habit or leave them at home when you’re seeing them. Most people can easily tell if you have the negative attitude or not, if you feel superior towards others or not or if you’re simply a jerk or not. Give every person a chance and treat them that you’d like to be treated in return.

3. The use of open exchange.

Encourage them to share stories with you. Other people are having difficulties on this part as they are shy or scared when communicating to others. Give them a chance and invite them to an exchange by using both your verbal and non verbal communications. Don’t forget to throw a warm smile while you’re talking and listening to them. Look into their eyes in a caring way, not staring at them. In this way, I’m pretty sure that you can have them talk and share that stories they want to share.

4. Always listen and pay attention to what they say.

Be a good listener to them. Never focus yourself on what you’ll say next. This will just distract your attention and get lost with the topic. Do listen to what they say while noting the body language they’re portraying. You can get the clues from here to what you will say next.

5. Leave them a nice compliment.

So give it to them sincerely without overdoing it on your part. Leaving a nice compliment to them before you say goodbye to another will surely make you unforgettable and easily to remember.

Always remember to just stay calm and be yourself the whole time while trying to establish a rapport with them and everything else will follow.