Are you wondering why lots of couples maintain the happiness within the relationship for a long period of time? What are the secrets behind why these couples remain happy despite of all those difficulties that came and test their relationship?

There’s no secret, really. You just have to keep and maintain the happiness within the relationship as long as both of you can. And in order to achieve that, you must do things that both of you likes to do. This can really help retain the spark and avoid the boredom which most couples feel overtime.

Listed below are the 50 things that you must try to do to stay happy with your partner.

couples at the park

  • Always be yourself with your partner.
  • Tell your partner how good looking he/she is.
  • Tell them a joke.
  • Try to ride a helicopter with your partner.
  • Go on a hayride together.
  • Go fishing together.
  • Use the numbers of your partner’s birthday as your lottery numbers.
  • Get your wedding bands cleaned together.
  • Buy your partner a bottle of her favorite perfume.
  • Offer to be the designated driver when you and your partner go out.