Are you a nice guy? Being nice usually reflects in guys having self-belief that he’s a man who deserves women’s attention. However, do you believe that this can really attract women’s attention?

There’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy, but it isn’t enough. You must also be interesting when around them. The fact is that, the word “nice guy” simply means a wimp in lots of people’s mind.

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You’ll never need to be a jerk in attracting women you like. It simply goes this way, women are not drawn to guys who are jerks and aggressive. They just attracted to guys who are interesting, someone that they will never be bored with.

Anyone can be interesting while being a nice man. Just be yourself! Remember that these traits can really make a big difference in a regular to a successful man.

1. Women like guys who are a big challenge to them. One way to do this is simply let them know that you’re successful with girls. Be nice and be confident always with yourself.

2. Giving a Compliment on a woman’s look is one of the best ways in approaching and getting her attention towards you. However, this can also be suicidal if you’re not careful. Simply find something in her that draws your eye, something unique and special about her.

3. You must have the initiative to make the first move. Have confidence (though not really cocky) and approach her! Give a compliment and show some interests towards her when the conversation starts. You should not follow the “Mr. nice guy” type of trait who just waits around the corner for ladies to sit in his lap. It will never happen.

4. Stick with romantic topics when talking to them. This simply works because women love romance and this is the reason why the top selling books on the globe are romantic novels. Stick with it and never talk about sports!

If in case you’re not into it, the type of man who loves poetry or talk about the moon and the sunsets, don’t do it. You will just look ridiculous. However when getting your date in a place something romantic, giving a bouquet of her favorite flowers or holding her hand while walking on the seashore can replace this.

5. And the most important thing, never talk about yourself mostly in the conversation. If you would like her to listen to you, you must first listen to her especially when she must to be heard. The best way for you to be interesting is keep asking questions and listens. Just try this and you’ll see.

Remember that most of the time when women talks to you about her problems, she’s not really looking for solution. She’s simply looking for reassurance and comfort, knowing that you’re there for her.

6. Never try to sell candies for someone who are not looking for one and never waste any of your time with girls who are still living in the past by their ex boyfriends. Remember that in dating, approach women who are simply looking for someone to date to and women who seen drawn and interested in you.

Being a nice guy isn’t enough for women, you must be interesting and confident as well if you want this to work. So get out there and enjoy life well the way it is.