One of the causes of breakup to any relationship is cheating. Most people consider it as a betrayal of  trust. When the act of cheating is caught, it may lead to separation or break up or perhaps may strengthen the bond based on how much they love one another.

cheating wife

The act of cheating is generally followed by a period of unhappiness in a relationship. You may feel like something is missing and you are looking to find it with another person.  In some instances people say that they were really happy with the relationship with their partner, yet they still have an affair. So the exact reasons are hard to pin point. If you are the one who is being cheated on, do not go bashing yourself up about the reasons why your partner chose to go down that path.

However, no one deserves to be lied and cheated on. If you feel like your own partner is having an affair, maybe now is the time to double check the current situation and have an investigation to be sure.

You may start from the obvious signs that he/she may show, like sudden change in behavior, the way they dress, work patterns, lack of sexual interest in you and so on. The worst case scenario that one can do is to spy the partner.

If a cheating wife is involved, it may cause lots of emotional trauma and harm to the family itself. Listed below are some vital signs that may help you to see if your own spouse is having an affair with someone.

 1.) A big and sudden change to attitude and appearance.

There will be a sudden preoccupation with regards to her appearance. She will visit the salon or gym more too often and becomes more interested on how she look and the way she dresses despite the fact that these things are not her priority before.

2.) The level of intimacy to you will be lessened.

She may already have distanced herself from you both mentally and emotionally if you try to be intimate with her and suddenly you feel like she’s not interested and seems like in a far place from you when before you both do these things all the time. She becomes frigid and has no interest in doing anything with the husband.

 3.) Too many secrets will be more obvious.

She becomes more and more quiet with you, not sharing the things what happens in the work or her everyday life. She will avoid you simply because she feels guilty on what she’s doing. If you feel this way, don’t get paranoid right away and become suspicious on her. The best thing that you can do is ask her if everything is ok and tell her directly that she’s been acting weird lately.

 4.) He/She becomes less interested in the family.

If for example your wife is not that excited as before when you arrive home from work, there might be a problem with her. Or perhaps your partner suddenly feels that she would like to go out on her own. What you can do is tell her that you will accompany her. When she reason out that she has to go alone, try to push the issue but not that much. Just enough to determine if she becomes agitated and uncomfortable.

 5.) When there’s less fighting and arguing.

Before she will be easily upset and angry if you do not want to go out with her and with her friends. But now, it seems that everything is ok with her on everything that you do. It’s like each move you make before had to premeditate and now the small messed up things that you do is not enraging her. This can be a good thing on the other hand; however you may still wonder why she didn’t care anymore.

 6.) He/She’s always late.

In the past she never came home late but now this happens more and more. Her explanation is that she had to stay more at the office because she has a lot of work to do. Or she goes to the store and comes home four hours later. This is really a reason to worry.

Cheating spouses often look and act guilty, give a general feeling that something isn’t right. They try and avoid meaningful conversations, keep everything at a general and non intimate level.