If you happen to have any suspicions that your partner is cheating on you, please don’t do the following. It’ll just make everything worse and will drive your partner away.

1.) Don’t revenge on your partner with cheating as well.

Once you do this, your partner will feel like he did the right choice because the cheating you made will just make his decision was right. The right thing to do is breakup with your partner if you know that he’s seeing someone.

2.) Don’t hesitate to let your partner know that you’re hurt for what they have done.

cheatingIt’s completely fine to tell your partner that they treated you so bad and that you’re going through difficulties for doing this. Acting like there is nothing going on or someone who has a stone heart will not work simply because your partner will see right through it.

3.) Don’t ever forgive your partner until you see any major changes within the relationship.

Going through a problem like cheating or infidelity is really hard. It is a type of problem in any relationship that can’t easily be solved. So it is really important that the two of you must be willing to put all the efforts to totally change the relationship and that both of you must have an interests in learning on how you can improve yourselves. You can’t just say, “It’s okay, let’s start over and try this again!”

4.) Don’t panic.

This rule can be really hard to follow but you can do it. Always keep yourself grounded at all times. I know you will go through a lot of pain and you will be emotional during the process, however never place the blame to anyone. You have to be responsible in the outcome of the relationship and grow from them.

5.) Don’t open all of the emails, read the text messages, get the phone to know who called or whatever that comes with this lines.

If you do this, you’ll just look like a psycho and your partner will have all the reasons of the world to cheat on you. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, never let your own insecurities consume you. You must solve your problems like a man, not the five-year-old kid who lost a candy in a candy shop.

6.) Don’t be a martyr and accept the cheating if it happened again.

Once everything’s fine and all the wounds were healed and that your partner cheated again, consider the relationship is done. You must let everything go and move on with your life. If you happen to accept it the second time around, your partner will just do this over and over again.