single on valentines day

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be quite depressing simply because you may feel left behind where everyone is in love except you. If you’re a woman and you’re single on the hearts day, don’t feel neglected as you can still enjoy the day by spoiling yourself with some girly stuff that you enjoy doing. Below are some of these ideas that may help you get through the day…

1. The first thing to do is take a vacation or a day off from work. You have to relax a bit from the busy life you have at the office. This is the time that you have to pamper yourself with the things that you’re planning to do for a very long time. Also, your co-staff at work will think that you may have a secret lover by doing this. Just let them wonder!

2. Pay a visit to your favorite health spa and spoil yourself with their beauty treatments. It’s time to relax and take all those stress away that may have been affecting you for a long time now. At the end of the day and by the time you return to your work, you’ll be glowing and again your coworkers will wonder what’s the reason behind.

3. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers – your favorite flowers perhaps! Flowers can help lighten the mood of any individual. So if there’s no one who can give you that, why don’t you buy them yourself? It’s a great idea in buying them before the 14th so you can save from the costs.

4. Have a DVD marathon of your favorite girly movies or TV series. A box or a bowl of pop corn plus a wine may help you get done through the day.

5. You can also invite some of your friends who are single and just enjoy the day. Invite them for drinks and for some girly talks and laughs about the exe’s you all have. It’ll be fun.

6. Go to a shopping mall and buy yourself a new dress or a pair of shoes. Since you don’t have a partner at the moment, you can have that extra money that you save from buying the Valentine’s Day present. Use that to buy yourself something that you really want to have.

Also, please keep in mind that not all women out there are enjoying a romantic and lovely date that they can dream of. There are lots who are unlucky to have not so-so romantic guys or receive not pleasant gifts from their partners. In either case, it usually ends in a disaster or disappointing dates for lots of couples. So you’re very lucky at least that you only have yourself to please this time of the year. Being single on valentines day isn’t the be all or end all

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