Are you feeling hopeless about your relationship with your partner? Do you want to rescue your marriage and to lead a happy life with your partner? If you are having trouble to maintain a good relationship with your wife, then you need to follow these simple yet effective formula to re-establish a good relationship with your wife that can be extended for longer.

1. Change Yourself

If your attempts to change your partner’s behavior have not gone well so far, then it is time that you changed yourself.
• It would be better off for you to figure out what you could do to stay loving and good humored with your wife.
• You need to let go your ego and behave the way she wants you to. This is one of the easy ways for resurrecting your marriage.

2. Take Decisions Jointly

It is better you adopt a policy to reach solutions to problems jointly. If any one of you takes an upper hand in solving the problem, then the other’s ego will be hurt. By jointly discussing a problem and coming out with a good solution will help you to put away all your differences with your partner.

3. Spend More Time With Your Partner

One of the easy ways to recreate those happy moments of marriage once again is to spend quality time with your partner.
• There is no harm in smiling, hugging, caressing, being appreciative as well as having more sex with your partner.
• The feeling that you care for her and her feelings will drive her to be more loving and passionate to you.
• Helping her out in her jobs, agreeing more and praising her at every right opportunity is sure to increase her love towards you.

4. Do Away With Negativity

If you would like to lead a peaceful and taint free relationship, then it is important for you to throw all the negativity out of the window. All sorts of criticisms, accusations, blames, digs, bad remarks, anger and sarcasms will only take your relationship from bad to worse. If you want to survive in a relationship, then you must make sure that the ratio of good to bad interactions is five to one. Aim higher for extending your relationship life long.

5. Never Fall For Relationship Destroying Habits

If you are a person who is having an extramarital affair, having drug addictions or is an excessively angry person, then you are not going to sustain your marriage. It is better to get help and to get out of these habits and to lead a happy life with your spouse.

6. Learn The Skills Of Happy Marriage

No one can be a perfect husband or a wife. But, you can reach near perfection by going through a lot of marriage and relationship books as well attend marriage education courses to learn certain skills to develop a healthy partnership with your spouse. You will be able to not just save your marriage, but will also make it to be a highly successful one.