If you’re into online dating, everyone knows that there’s certain questions women usually ask guys they found interesting online. The way to answer these types of questions will dictate your success in online dating.

What’s the best way to answer these questions? Then try the following tips below.

online dating

1.) When she tries to ask you with your current marital status, simply say…

“Well… I have a lovely dog at home and he usually don’t like the way I prepare coffee. He’s hoping if I can find someone special to prepare a coffee for him every morning.”

2.) If she asks about your real age, tell her this…

“When I’m asleep, I can say that I’m a little child and a more mature man when in a situation of making important decisions. I can also be a teenager when I’m talking to someone special and interesting woman like you.”

3.) If she asks if you already have a kid, what will you say?

When asked a question like this, just tell her the truth. You can just say yes or no and at the same time earn some points with your answer.

If for instance you do have kids, you can simply say, “Yes, I have a 2 year old son who’s responsible for my haircut. He’s a nice kid by the way.”

If you still don’t have kids, just say “Oh no, I don’t have kids at the moment but searching for someone who can take risks of having a cute little one’s like me.”

4.) If she asks about your past relationships, will you tell her the truth?

When asked a question about your ex or what happened in your past relationship, be confident with your answer and never give them the specific details. Also, be serious with your answer and get over with the subject as soon as you can.

You can simply do this by saying, “I usually don’t joke about my love life. We couldn’t meet at some point when the problems came up and just decided to go on with our own lives.”

5. What keeps you busy these days? What type of job you’re into?

If for some reason; you do hate your job, never tell her that. Just be positive when answering the question like, “I’m busy with (type of work) and each morning when I wake up, I’m really excited going to the (workplace) and sometimes I forget to wear my socks in a hurry.”

6.) If she asks the kind of relationship you’re into, just tell her…

“Hmmm, I want to find a woman who can accept me as I am, someone who can take me as a person.”

7.) If she asks the things you do during your free time, tell her that…

“I usually don’t have much free time, but when I do I just read books, watch movies and enjoy that time with my friends.”

When answering, you must be selective with your answers and a less demanding if you have to. Try to make her understand that you’re not wasting your time as well as anybody. When this happens, she’ll feel great that you’re spending your valuable time with her.

Online dating is really fun and exciting but you must be funny and at the same time serious when answering all her questions. It’s important to make her curious about yourself so she will be more inclined in knowing more about you. Always be yourself and don’t portray as someone else’s image, be original and she’ll like it for sure.