Falling in love with someone and start a relationship is truly a great feeling. A relationship that lasts forever is usually based on these 3 words; honesty, trust and love.

While honesty is one of the most important factors for any relationship to thrive, it can be painful sometimes when telling them the truth. There are certain things that one can’t tell simply because the reality might hurt them. Examples of this are the bad things you’ve done before you met them or a truth that may hurt their feelings once you tell them.

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Sometimes, keeping your mouth close is one of the best ways in showing your partner that you truly love her. Yes it’s important to tell the truth and be open to her but in reality; some things must be kept secret to protect her.

Below are some of these phrases that usually leave a mark once you told them that.

Don’t tell your partner that she’s getting fat.

Telling her this line will surely leave a mark even if it’s true. She may feel that you’re not attracted to her anymore. According to studies, those men who usually tell their girlfriends that she’s getting fat are being dumped. So it’s best to avoid this phrase and let her decide the right time for her to lose weight.

Never compare your mother to her especially when it comes to food.

All of us have been raised by our parents differently. Each family is unique and the way you live your life resembles the kind of household you have at your parent’s home. Each one of us is taught to do things their way so it’s completely wrong to compare your partner to your mother. The best way that you can do is to adapt this new life and tell her some stories about how your parents raised you.

Never complain when she’s doing her best especially when it’s about solving problems.

Saying this line is the worst thing that you can tell to your girlfriend. Once you tell her these words, she may think that you don’t appreciate every little effort she’s been trying to give. So stop complaining and help her instead. Remember you’re the guy, so act like one.

Don’t tell your girlfriend that your family doesn’t like her.

If you tell her this, your girlfriend will become more insecure and will create tension between her and your family. Expect to have future problems and a lot of headache once she knows about this. So it’s best to explain to your family that she’s the one and you will fight for her no matter what. Make them understand that you’re doing this because you love her that much. Later on, they will accept her for who she is if you show that you’re serious about her.

Never say a word about your ex girlfriend.

Don’t compare your ex with your present girlfriend in anything that you both do. There will come a time when you will have a date night to a place that you and your ex love to go before. Don’t say a word about it because your girlfriend will surely get hurt if she feels that you’re still thinking about her.

When she’s in rage, don’t tell her to relax.

When she’s really angry or very upset at something, don’t tell her to relax or she’ll get angrier at you. The reason for this is that you’re not taking her seriously. When you’re the reason why she’s upset, she may think that you’re denying the fact that you made mistakes and you’re taking it lightly.

Never say the words “I Love You” during a fight.

Saying “I Love You” is one of the sweetest things a woman can hear and for her, it does mean a lot. So it is important to say these 3 magical words at the right moment. However most guys mistakenly use these words during a fight which is the worst thing to do. During a fight, your girlfriend doesn’t believe any words you say so better not to say these words. What you can do is let the moment pass first then declare your love to her when the tension is over.