The summer season is one of the best times for weddings. It’s the time when your friends and family can allocate more time to join you in the celebration, when the weather is much more manageable, and when nature becomes the perfect setting to profess your love and dedication to your partner. There are many elements to your wedding that you can add to make it more special. Here are seven things you can add that simply say summer wedding.

1. Fresh Flowers
The natural beauty of flowers can contribute so much to the overall summer wedding theme. Fresh flowers need not be limited to the bridal bouquet. You can also incorporate them to other elements on your wedding. Whether it is on your hair, on your wedding cake or on the background, fresh flowers can add vibrant ambience to your summer wedding.

2. Cocktail dresses
Fashion is a big part of every wedding. Pretty and trendy cocktail dresses can surely give you a light and fresh look on your summer wedding. This is especially perfect with outdoor locations such as beach weddings. Implementing cocktail dresses for your entourage and as your wedding dress also gives you more freedom of movement while walking down the aisle or dancing to your wedding bands.

3. Colors and prints
Nothing screams summer wedding more than a splash of colors and prints. If you still want to be a traditional bride and be in a shade of white on your wedding, you can still choose cool and vibrant colors on your wedding entourage. For the more adventurous types, you can explore different summer colors and prints on for your wedding dress and all throughout the wedding.

4. Outdoor location
Its the perfect time to get some sun on your face and feel the breeze on your hair. It is also the perfect time to say your vows and celebrate in paradise. The beach, the park, the country club are just some of the great venues for a summer wedding. Sometimes, these romantic wedding locations may even more affordable than church ceremonies and hotel buffets. These destinations will also give you an opportunity to save up on decors since nature can be your backdrop.

5. Natural centerpieces
You can give your table a festive look that’s perfect for summer weddings. If you want to use flowers, go for hot-colored blooms such as deep yellow calla lilies, roses, and orchids. You can also go for sunflowers and irises. For a more natural look, use rustic wood containers or wooden vases with moss or grass. Fruits can be artistic centerpieces too. Cut citrus fruit or carve flower-shaped pieces of melon and pineapple.

6. Drinks
Summer is the perfect excuse to keep the drinks flowing on your wedding. Serving lemonade and other fruit drinks all throughout to make sure your guests are cool and pampered. After dinner tea is also a unique idea to wow your guests and keep them feeling fresh. To up the ante, having a signature cocktail is a great suggestion. Discuss this with your wedding coordinator and bartender so you can have a fun and delicious drink unique to your wedding.

7. Laid-back music
Lighten the ambience a little by going for summery music styles. Upbeat songs and tunes are in for summer weddings. Why not have steel drums or have a singer with an acoustic guitar for cocktail hour and dinner? These definitely say summer weddings unlike any other type of music.

Summer is the best season to be a little more adventurous on your wedding planning. It is the best time for the fun and creative elements that reflect your personalities to surface. Treat your wedding as a vacation you and your guests will enjoy.

About the author: With over four years of professional writing experience, Melissa Page writes about travel and relationships, among other things. She loves everything about weddings and plans to start her happily-ever-after on a summer month. Follow some of her musings at Word Baristas.