unusual wedding ideasThere is no denying that planning a wedding is a stressful thing. From picking a venue, a dress, wedding favors, caterers; the list is almost endless. If your wedding to-do list is leaving you a little overwhelmed and short on inspiration here are a few big trends in unusual wedding ideas to help get your big day back on track.

Raw Bars

If you want to create a simple yet elegant cocktail hour think about trying out the raw bar trend. This classic wedding fare has recently had a make-over; gone are the melting piles of shrimp instead opt for small premade plates of one or two oysters or miniature shrimp cocktails.

Specialty cocktail bar

Instead of the traditional wedding assortment of beer and wine, make your reception standout with an assortment of signature cocktails. Create a limited menu that focuses on a shared theme like tequila or rum or try serving cocktails made with fresh squeezed juice and fresh herbs for a healthier take on mixed drinks.

Fresh local flowers

Save money and add charm to your wedding or reception by opting for locally available, fresh-picked flowers. More and more brides are opting for this less fussy version of the bridal bouquet so try scouring your local farmers market for colorful blooms for your big day.

Plan a destination wedding

If the traditional church service is not for you and your intended why not plan a destination wedding. These are best for those who wish to keep the gathering an intimate affair as not everyone can afford to travel but why not head to Vegas or Key West with your best friends and closest relatives for a few days of celebration and maybe even a little relaxation.

Rent a photo booth

There are plenty of unusual wedding ideas regarding photography, but if you want to capture your wedding for posterity but would like the pics to be fun and more spontaneous than traditional wedding photography why not rent a photo booth. Friends and family can take their own pictures throughout the night and will ultimately reveal a more intimate take on your big day.

Make it personal

There can be a lot of pressure on a bride and groom to be traditional on their big day but ultimately it’s your wedding and should reflect your own unique style. If you and you betrothed fell in love at a heavy metal concert than rock out your wedding dance to your favorite songs. Hire an unusual wedding band or accessorize with crazy hats and socks. It’s your day, enjoy it in style.

Create a theme

Our final unusual wedding idea is creating an unusual wedding theme. There are an infinite variety of venues to choose from when planning a wedding. Try creating a theme that will give your wedding direction and make it truly remarkable. Beach themes are always popular but costume weddings are also on trend. Rent an old theatre and invite everyone to come dressed for a masquerade for a truly unusual event.
Set up a dessert buffet

Gone are the days of the traditional wedding cake. For an alternative that is sure to please your guests set up a dessert buffet featuring a wide array of fruits, chocolates, tarts and pastries. You can also save money by inviting friends to contribute their own favorite sweet recipes. Left overs can be sent home with guests as party favors.

Jenny Houston is a professional blogger that writes for AllureBridals.com, a leading designer of wedding and bridal gowns.