wedding preparationIt can be hard for someone making a wedding speech if he’s not into public speaking. Having this in mind, below are some important points to remember to overcome all the nerves and deliver a great wedding speech.

1. Always keep in mind that people are always on your side.

Messing things up with a wedding speech you prepared is the last thing on their mind. You’re simply there because the people are connected with you and this includes the audience as well. So it is important to remember that whatever you say in your wedding speech will be clearly heard and respected as it is.

2. Make it a point to at least practice your wedding speech.

You can do this when alone in your room and the more you practice on what you’re about to say, the lesser nerve you will feel on the actual wedding day. Also, make sure to practice the intonation of voice and pauses on your speech. By making some effort in your part will show that you’re serious in it and any mistakes will be easily forgiven and forgotten.

3. Make sure to make your speech and deliver it by heart.

Whenever or wherever you are, in your home or at work… practice your wedding speech well. You may repeat it again and again until you perfect it before the wedding day. When you’re confident to deliver the speech on the big day, you may feel calmer simply because you know the speech very well.

4. Learn to breathe when delivering the speech.

As basic as this may sound, most of the time this is ignored. Learn how to pause and breathe while you deliver and figure out the ways of proper breathing. You may do a quick search in Google for this and read for some tips to master it.

5. Remember some funny moments you have in your life before you stand up in front of them.

It’s not really important but it can help loosen yourself a bit and bring a smile back in your face. It can also give a positive energy in delivering your wedding speech in front of the audience.

7. Try to make eye contact when delivering your wedding speech.

It’s important so people will feel as if they’re just talking normally to you.

8. Enjoy yourself!

Giving a wedding speech is sometimes nerve racking but hey, the world will not end if you make some mistakes right? So why you don’t just enjoy the moment and it’ll be over in a few minutes.

Simply follow the above tips and for sure you will overcome any nerves that you may feel when delivering a great wedding speech.