lawFamily law deals with a variety of issues that involve domestic and family-related matters. This article will give you a brief idea about family law, the requisite skills of a family lawyer and information regarding the latest development in family law.

Areas of family law

Most people consider family law to include only divorces and marriage annulments. In addition to these issues, family law also includes legal guidelines on a myriad of family-related matters. Some of them are abuse protection, child dependency and neglect, paternity issues and lapsing of paternal rights, adoption, distribution of liabilities and assets, child custody and spousal maintenance.

Skills of a family lawyer

When you hire family lawyers, make sure that they encompass these skills:

  • Litigator and mediator: The family lawyer must not only be a good litigator but also a mediator. Family law can be quite volatile, so it is important to hire a lawyer that knows how to deal with people and does not allow clients to waste time by making spiteful and meaningless accusations. This will not only aggravate all the parties involved, but will also extend your case.
  • Managing time: Lawyers who specialize in family law will know how to manage time effectively. Family-related cases can take a long time as it can involve mediations, settlement discussions and case proceedings. If a lawyer cannot manage time, cases will take a long time to resolve.
  • Counselor: A good family lawyer must also be a counselor. Family law cases can be quite stressful and a lawyer who can provide relevant advice and guidance to clients will ensure that the proceedings go as planned. Also, reassurance and support of this kind will greatly help the clients in this difficult time.
  • Knowledge in financial matters: Family law often includes financial matters. This is especially true in the cases of financial settlements or child and spousal support payments that arise during a divorce. A lawyer who has fundamental knowledge of finance and accountancy will be able to competently present and advise you on such matters.
  • Communication skills: This is one of the most important skills of a lawyer. Once the lawyer takes your case, you must be updated on any and all of the progress that is made on it. The updates of your case must be conveyed immediately and accurately to you. Also, the lawyer must be able to interact amicably with not only the opposing client and lawyer but members of the court as well. 

Collaborative law

Although it has been over 16 years since the collaborative law was drafted, it is yet to be practiced in all the states of the country. This law allows you to avoid the legal proceedings of a court by attempting to resolve the matter outside it. This is done through discussions and negotiations with the opposing party. Such a process can only happen if the lawyers concerned are genuinely interested in resolving the issue outside the court. This law has high success rates and makes the separation process less taxing on both the clients and the lawyers.