It is a common myth that all couples form relationships based on the attractiveness of their partner. The reality, however, is that many people fall for the imperfections of their significant other. Everyone has some imperfections, but some people can find beauty in things that look flawed to others.

A Little Gut Goes a Long Way

The perfect set of abs is attractive, but lots of people are actually intimidated by this. It can cause feelings of insecurity for people that are not in shape. This is why it is much easier for many people to be attracted to people with a gut. A chubby look can be cute for some women and men. There could be something about a person’s extra weight that is really a turn-on. Ironically, this is actually a preference for some people that are skinny. These slim-bodied people may only want to date someone that is larger than they are.

Beauty in the Mole

A mole doesn’t look right on all people, but it can definitely be an attractive feature on some individuals. Models like Cindy Crawford have definitely worn the mole well. It is something that can be distracting, but it can also quite attractive depending on where it is located.

No Hair, No Problem

Lots of women wear highlights and get hair extensions. It’s a confidence thing that boosts their self-esteem. They want their hair to be perfect for just about every outing. Men, however, lose hair all the time, but they are less likely to be as concerned. The reason is because they know that some women actually find this attractive.

It is indeed true that some women can look at a balding man and see something that is attractive. Sometimes a man that has lost hair will remind a woman of her own father. At other times the hair loss on top may just seem like a cute and funny look that makes a man seem friendly.

Hairy Body Parts

Some people are just hairy. It doesn’t matter how much they try to shave their arms or legs. The hair just continues to come back with full force. Many people will not even bother to shave on a regular basis. It’s a good thing because this is how they will often attract their significant other. The hairy body parts may be a nuisance to them, but their partner may be totally turned on by it.

Bad Vision Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Lots of people wear glasses – but it always seems like a death sentence when they first learn they need glasses. The average person with bad vision is pretty vain. The first thing that they think is that glasses will totally destroy their good looks. The glasses often have the opposite effect.

When people with bad vision put on glasses they have a different look. Some people put them on and they look smarter. Others put on glasses and they look sexier. Glasses often enhance looks.

So, what do you think about imperfections?