Are you in love? You may think you are, but are you really sure? How can you say that? What are the reasons behind asking yourself are you in love? Do you truly believe that it is not just a temporary attraction? Do you believe that the two of you will end up together as real partners? Stop asking yourself “Am I in love” because it’s time to find out!

Are you in love – how to find out

Are you happy with him or her at the moment? Will you enjoy along with your partner if you both were left in a remote island for a week? Or will you just get bored with him or her? What about your self esteem? Does your partner make you feel great about yourself? Are they just focusing on good qualities? Or they also focus on someone’s fault? How about you? Are you simply satisfied or contented with your partner, or are you still searching for some weaknesses in particular areas?

are you in love

Love is very much different compared to any other form of human relationships. A person may need to ask several times to his self if it is really love when the friendship goes beyond that. Going back to the questions “Am I in love”, what if your partner gives some clothes as a gift? Will you be excited to wear them right away or you will try to look first if the clothes look good on you.

When you think of your partner, do you smile effortlessly? Get dreamy sometimes? Do you want to share something great? Like for example you completed a task that you’re very proud of, will you share it with your partner and talk about it? Are you patient to wait and talk it to him or her especially if they’re busy at the moment? Some of these can be indicators that you are in love.

Are you comparing your partner to other people? Having those second thoughts about the opposite sex? What if that person possesses a killer smile or looks stunning? Or you will just not think about it and continue with the thoughts of “Am I in love with him or her?” How about if you watch a movie together? Will both of you try to look at one another in the darkness, or seriously watch the movie? Do both of you watch the movie at all while together?

are you in love

Do you have plans being together in the future? Like living together in a new house, having kids and things like that. Are both of you talking about growing old together? Will you also consider changing your own career when you’re together married? Some of these thoughts can indicate if you are in love or not.

If the answers you have in your mind right now from the questions asked above is positive, then you will need to take a closer look at your relationship seriously. Because the answer to your question “Am I in love” is YES!

Searching for love is very hard. Most of the time we feel in love but in the end we realize that it wasn’t love after all. So it’s much better to be sure if the emotions you feel is really love before you commit to someone else. Wishing you the best of luck and enjoy the moment of being in love.