Sex is an important for your physical and mental well-being, and this is especially true in older couples. Sex can increase the level of intimacy you share with your partner, and it can help you to become more comfortable expressing your feelings. While sex can change as you grow older, it is still possible to have a healthy and active sex life. With the exception of illness, many older couples continue to enjoy the benefits of sex even in their eighties.

Sex Can Change As You Age

Even though it is possible to have an active sex life, the natural aging process will cause some changes to occur. Women can find it harder to become sexually aroused, while men notice a decrease in their testosterone levels. This not only affects a man’s ability to become aroused, but his erections and ejaculations as well. While this does affect your sexual life, it does not mean that sex is no longer an option. Couples simply need to experiment with different methods and sexual techniques. Other changes that can occur as you age include;
* Some men may find it more difficult to get an erection, and require more manual stimulation than previously to become fully erect.
* Ejaculation can occur sooner and with little or no warning, often before your partner has reached an orgasm. Many men also notice that the stream of ejaculation is not as powerful, and that they release less fluid.
* The recovery time between erections is usually longer, and the erection usually disappears faster than it did when you were younger.
Women also experience lower levels of estrogen which can cause vaginal dryness and make it more difficult to become aroused. Both men and women can experience a decrease in the level of confidence when they begin to experience problems in the bedroom. High blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, heart problems, and depression can also occur as you grow older and interfere with your ability to have a healthy sex life.

Benefits of sex later in life

While it might be more difficult to have sex later in life, there are several benefits that make it worth the extra effort to become sexually aroused. Not only does having regular sex improve your overall mood, it can also be an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. The endorphins released by your brain during orgasm can also help to boost your confidence level. Other benefits of having sex later in life can include;
* The same endorphins that help to improve your mood can also help to relieve some of the aches and pains we often feel as we grow older. Arthritis and simple wear and tear on your body can lead to constant, irritating pain and having intercourse can help alleviate some of the discomfort.
* Studies have suggested that older men who regularly ejaculate have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer.
* Men who are sexually satisfied often report being happier with their lives. Their level of confidence increases, along with their general sense of well-being. Depression and stress can also be relieved by engaging in regular sexual activities with your partner.
* Sexual intercourse can also help to improve your relationship, which can also improve your quality of life. Feelings of intimacy are often strengthened, along with improving communication. While couples do not need sex to have a healthy relationship, it is recommended as long as there are not any health complications preventing you from safely engaging in intercourse.


Growing older is no reason to not have sex, and there are several benefits associated with having sex later in life. Not only can it improve your general physical and mental health, sex can also strengthen your relationship. Older couples will notice gradual differences in their sex life as they grow older, but this does not mean that it will be impossible for them to engage in intercourse. Changing and experimenting with different arousal methods and techniques can not only help you become aroused, it is also a good way to add some excitement to your sex life.